Momoe Mori diary about the "Three Senpais of BABYMETAL" at Tokyo Dome

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo student Momoe Mori new diary on Sakura Gakuin to talk about her satisfying three-day holiday a couple of weeks ago where she attended to see BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome. Momoe is big fan of BABYMETAL she adores the Three Senpais. Read the diary translated below and more details about her love to BABYMETAL


Momoe Mori diary about her three-day holiday & BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome

Satisfying three-day holiday!

Moe Moe Ho... It's Momoe!

I've been to the Tokyo Dome concert of BABYMETAL. It was really awesome show and I could enjoy from the bottom of heart. Momoe will smile my best in lessons so that I can play superb singing and dancing like the three senpais of BABYMETAL


Two days before the concert, on September 17, we had the open class event "Lesson Of Carta". This time, we thought up poetry for our own carta. And the lecturer, Principal Kuramoto-sensei picked some good ones from our works. And two of Momoe's works were picked. These are the ones!


(1) Konnani Tanoshii Mono wa Nai! (There is nothing happier!)

I composed this poetry to express my mind 'Sakura Gakuin is so fun! I heartily love Sakura Gakuin.'. But on second thoughts, the poetry can be used to describe several things other than Sakura Gakuin. It's because the poetry has no subject. 


(2) Kenka ga Taisetsu. (A fight is worthwhile)

At first glance, it looks like this poetry was created in accordance with the Mori-sensei's teaching 'Simple is Strong'. Actually, I composed this to express my impression of the lyrics of 'FRIENDS'. Fukei-sans, please look into the words of 'FRIENDS' again.


The open class event and the concert of BABYMETAL...

I had really satisfying three-day holiday.

Please tell me how was your three-day holiday?

It was Momoe. Bye.






Translator Note: The third Monday of September is a Japanese designated public holiday -- 'Respect for the Aged Day'. So, this year, Sep 17 - 19 was a three-day holiday for most people in Japan.


Blog by: Momoe Mori

Translation by: Onji Kobe

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