Mori-Sensei on Mochikomi: BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome & Suzuka Nakamoto, "I felt that her voice was incredible"

Mori Hayashi, better known as Mori-Sensei is teacher and tutor of Sakura Gakuin since the beginnings of the group in 2010. Was teacher of the three BABYMETAL girls, until their graduations. Suzuka's in 2013 and Yui and Moa in 2015. Mori-Sensei on his Radio Show Mochikomi talked several minutes about BABYMETAL performance at Tokyo Dome and specially about Suzuka Nakamoto, read an extended excerpt translated below. 


Sakura Gakuin's Mori-Sensei about BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome & Suzuka's voice

Mori: I went to Tokyo Dome for BABYMETAL. They reached the Tokyo Dome. I was lucky to be there. Awesome, right!? I cannot believe it. Nakamoto once appeared in this show right?. Yes she was here. Well Su-Metal, I'm sorry, but I call her Nakamoto. I was her teacher when she was in Sakura Gakuin so, I call her like this. In 2012, I think in January she was in this show and she came here without any manager. She casually appeared and then left. That happens in showbiz? And then this happens four years later. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The stage... Tano-san we went to a show together isn't it? 


Tano: We went to a BABYMETAL show when they debuted.


Mori: I sure was after Nakamoto graduated (from Sakura Gakuin). To be honest, Tokyo Dome was my first concert since then. How to say it? I had apprehension to go to their shows. I don't know how to explain it. I didn't have a negative image or something like that. I guess I was worried about them, I felt that way you know? See, they were Idols. They didn't know about Metal. So they continued playing like that and they continued going stairs you know? In world-scale too. So, I was worried. Felt like, "what if they are getting pressured to perform in a way they don't feel?" I was sure I would feel sad. 


Then heard about the Tokyo Dome shows and I wondered why I saw them with such prejuice, because they showed me that their charisma and appeal of these three girls was in front of everyone at the show. They became so popular, the level of the performance was incredible and of course the support band, the Kami Band, was fantastic. But you know it's their show. That's what made me feel happy and bad at the same time for avoid them. Was like a dream. Think about it, 50.000 fans getting crazy! I'm tearing of just talking about it! 


Tano: And then between songs, there was silence. And their fans screamed their names. That was incredible. 


Mori: True, sometimes they screamed their names but sometimes the audience got exctatic in silence. Also, 80 minutes. 80 minutes without MC. At the beginning they said there wasn't an encore, they say so easily that at the end there will not be an encore! (Laughs) Was incredible. Everybody consumed all their energies when it ended. 


Went to Tokyo Dome on September 19 and I got very emotional. The first thing that moved me was... You know? Sometimes I joke about that Nakamoto can't use a bicycle. Yeah, she cannot ride a bicycle or read manga. (Laughs). 


Tano: She said that she doesn't know how to read it, if it's should be read from left to right or from top to bottom. 


Mori: Well, in manga sometimes you find characters like her. Nakamoto said that if she could made a pact with the devil she would never ask him to learn how to ride bicycle, she said that she is completely fine without reading manga. But in place of that, she would ask to sing at Tokyo Dome. See what I'm saying? I felt like I saw her doing everything to reach that dream.  Honestly, the difference between how is her in daily life and stage is incredible. 


Tano: In a good way, it's like she was possessed by something. 


Mori: Like doing a pact with the devil, and in this pact she forgets about the ability to ride a bicycle. Actually is very useful ride a bike but she forgets about that to play at Tokyo Dome. Who knows, with her voice they probably may reach further. Actually they got blesses by the people around them, it's plenty of misterious foreigns related with music industry and some of them got closer to them. I shouldn't say this, but I could see some musicians and important producers along with them. Even them were shocked about how huge was this. Anyway, everybody said that without Nakamoto's vocal ability nothing of this would have happened. For a regular singer, the voice, I mean the voice for a regular girl couldn't reach far in a stadium. I'm sorry for being a total ignorant about this topic. I'm just repeating what I was told. But: "The voice of this girl has unique abilities." It's like it's not special, goes further, beyond that. The sound don't disappear. I felt that her voice was incredible. Doesn't vanish. And when the show ended one knows that they must be tired after performing for 80 minutes. I'm sure that their physical resistance is what limits everything to 80 minutes, but even so they come to say "hi". So, in front of the girls, their manager came and said: "Mori-Sensei - because I was their teacher - did you notice bad things in this show that you can mention?", "No! Of course there is no reason why I could say something is bad!! Absolutely not! Nothing was bad! I have no idea about all of this. I never been at Tokyo Dome." I mean, my higher place to date was, where? When I was artist possibly at the Sun Mall Theater or somewhere like this. Someone like me only been in places like Sun Mall Theater... What I could tell to these girls who performed, no, electrified Tokyo Dome?




For more details about Mochikomi, follow Tano Asami. 

Audio courtesy of: BABYMETAL Fans Mexico

Summary translated by: Maik Gianino

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