Sakura Gakuin x Hello Kitty bicycle helmet & traffic rules campaign

As BABYMETAL in 2012, now Sakura Gakuin dedicates their time to traffic safety. Sakura Gakuin and Hello Kitty through Helmet Production announced a special collaboration to spread the word about helmet use and traffic rules. Learn more about the collaboration below!


Hello Kitty & Sakura Gakuin campaign for helmet use in Tokyo!

Sakura Gakuin and Hello Kitty announced a collaboration to spread the word about helmet use and traffic rules in Tokyo. The campaign features a special feature on Helmet Production but also a 4 different Open Classes dedicated to traffic safety! 


The 4 periods of Open Classes will take place from October to December including 2 clases in November as follows: 

Period 1: Bicycle and Helmet in Mid October

Period 2: Traffic Rules in Early November

Period 3: Helmet use on everyone in Late November

Period 4: Time for the total review in Mid December


According to Helmet Production, 33 people died in Tokyo Metropolitan Area in bicycle accidents in 2015. Among them, around 70% died mainly due head injuries.  


More details about the campaign and Open Classes will be announced in later days by Sakura Gakuin. 

More details are available on Helmet Productions, click here. 

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