Nikkei Business: BABYMETAL is #1 on Bid Acceptance Rates

According to a report published by Nikkei Business, BABYMETAL is #1 on Bid Acceptance Rates based on 1.650.000 auction deals survey. Following BABYMETAL there is another Amuse artst Gen Hoshino. Also Nogizaka46 is featured in this report. Read a summary translated below. 


1.65 Million auction deals survey shows BABYMETAL #1 in Bid Acceptance Rates

Aucfan (Japanese company which provides a wide range of data analyses on online auctions and shopping) has

accumulated data containing more than 30 billion online auction records in Japan for the last ten years. The company

recently analyzed the popularity of music artists, using new indicators specific to online auctions, such as the bid

acceptance rate and the number of bids for auctioned items. With the data gathered between January 2015 and August 2016, we (the author works for the company) will attempt here to depict how popular musicians are in the online auction market. These data consist of 1.65 million deals which were classified under the music category by online auction sites. The artists selected here are the Top 30 musicians whose number of related goods was greatest at online auctions.


Average bid acceptance rate is determined by dividing:

A) The number of auctioned goods (related to a certain artist) with successful bid, by..

B) The whole number of auctioned goods (related to the artist). This mainly shows the trend in demand and supply for purchased or used CDs by the artist on the auction market.


Let us analyze the (second) chart now.

If we focus on the bid acceptance rate, the metal dance trio BABYMETAL has the highest figure, along with Gen

Hoshino, with more than half (50%) of their auctioned goods bidded successfully. Nogizaka46 (Himeka Nakamoto's group - Suzuka's sister) has its bid acceptance rate of little less than 50%, but the number of goods with successful bid as such is huge, amounting to the third best figure only behind AKB48 and Arashi. In the meantime, the number of successful bids for BABYMETAL and Gen Hoshino are not as big, yet the average number of bids (for each of their item), as well as the bid acceptance rate, are notable. The fact means that they may not have a broad fan base, but a rather concentrated group of many enthusiastic fans support them.




Article by: Nikkei Bussines

Summary & Translation by: Atmybabel


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