Airi Suzuki of C-ute talk BABYMETAL & Moametal at Tokyo Dome

Airi Suzuki from C-ute, attended to BABYMETAL show "Red Night" at Tokyo Dome to close their fantastic World Tour 2016. Airi wrote the following blog post after the first show "Red Night" on September 19. Read her impressions and also her reaction about Moa Kikuchi's admiration towards her! Blog translated below. 


Airi Suzuki on BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome: "I had serious goose bumps from the start"

Airi Suzuki is one of the main members of C-ute. C-ute is a Japanese idol girl group, consisting of five members. C-ute is part of Hello! Project, produced by Tsunku, who also writes almost all the group's songs. On August 19, it was announced C-ute will be disbanding in June 2017. Moa Kikuchi mentioned in one of her diaries how much she adores Airi Suzuki, read here



Airi Suzuki's blog on BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome Red Night.


Yes! Hello! 

Airi DEATH!!! Love love love! (Emoticons)


Hehehe, yes, yesterday!

After the Chisa-ai rehearsal for the events I went to BABYMETAL's live!!

My first BABYMETAL live. 

Moreover, Tokyo Dome!! 

I can't take BABYMETAL out of my head yet, Airimetal DEATH!! (Laugh)



I felt like I was watching an overseas live. 

Su-Metal overwhelming sense of being a Queen. Yuimetal and Moametal overwheling sense of being angels. 


An indescribably great balance. I was left open mouth from the beginning to the end. I had serious goose bumps from the start. I was overwhelmed, and they are younger than me. Wasn't used a MC even once. The way Su-Metal fuels in English, and singing in English... At the place found a lot of fans who came from abroad. All wearing red or black clothes!!! I'm glad that I was wearing red!


Tower Records 35th Anniversary, 2014
Tower Records 35th Anniversary, 2014

I was looking at the backing band, which is called Kami Band with wide open mouth, I thought that my jaw will departure. The first time I see metal, it's amazing. A fusion of Metal and Idol. The chemistry which occurs here is great!


The growing of Su-Metal singing voice has become a habit. The YonYon of Yuimetal and Moametal! There is no way to take it out of my head! (Laughs)


Moametal is Moa Kikuchi chan, I was told that she loves me!

What what what!? Seriously!! 


I could not imagine such adorable faces can dance so violently. Were moments even when couldn't tied up the eyes. Blink was absolutely useless. 



Yesterday Red Night, tonight Black Night. 2 Days has been made! But can't see them today. BABYMETAL, the best DEATH!!



Blog & Photos by: Airi Suzuki of C-ute

Translation by: Maik Gianino



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  • #1

    Andres (Sunday, 25 September 2016 13:17)

    I like both c-ute and babymetal. Airi is great and i share her opinion on babymetal.

  • #2

    BAT-METAL (Monday, 26 September 2016 12:52)

    Airi Suzuki is propagating this unproven meme that Suzuka is a Queen. I have another theory.

    In interviews, I think it's obvious that Yui and Moa are not from Earth. Watch them closely! I have never encountered earthlings like this. Suzuka on the other hand seems very much like a normal Earth girl in interviews! This, of course, is a ruse - another master-stroke from Kobametal.

    On stage, we see a total transformation. Yui and Moa seem very human (overflowing with energy and determitation for sure, but still humans), while Suzuka transforms into something I don't think anybody has seen before.

    My take on all of this is this:

    All three young women are actual, real, Christian-style Angels. Suzuka is definitely royalty, but not a queen from Earth. She is Angel royality.. Yui and Moa are Angels, as Airi Suzuki pointed out in the interview.. Angels are not from earth. I believe Angels were never human (like Demons).

    As somebody who does not believe in Christian paradise, this revelation (!) is hard for me. But I'm not going to look at all the evidence that is staring at me, and deny reality.

    These girls are literal angels from literal Heaven. They are probably some kind of Angel royalty. It kind of blows me away!

    I'm not even joking.

    And just because this site needs more conversations:

    Did nobody but me get obsessed with the animated crawler before the Painkillier/Breakin' the Law event, that basically said, "Rob Halford IS The Fox God" ? It seemed so obvious to me, that's what they were hinting at. Did Rob set this whole thing up? Still trying to understand how they got so big so fast in the UK.

    Sort of related - I'm also suspicions that Yasutaka Nakata has some kind of involvement - I just hear some familiar musical elements from him in BABYMETAL songs. - the pan-flutes, or recorders, or melodicas at the end of Gimme, for example. Or the total lack of 'negative space' in most of their numbers. Just like KPP, and Perfume - any empty space, especially between verses, or bridges or whatever -MUST HAVE A SWEET DRUM FILL, or a tiny voice going 1,2,3,4. The compositions are just so dense!

    I just read the translations to Tales, then listened again. WOW this must be heavily influenced by Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" - lyrically,musically and atmospherically. Mabye I created a pattern that doesn't exist, but seeing the lyrics in English....

  • #3

    Kolohe (Monday, 26 September 2016 16:50)

    BABYMETAL is changing things especially in the Japanese music scene! Amazing how they came from an idol/metal joke to this insane runaway freight train of pure ecstasy!!

  • #4

    Aira (Wednesday, 25 January 2023 03:40)

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