Japanese TV Coverage on BABYMETAL "Red Night & Black Night" at Tokyo Dome

BABYMETAL is featured in many TV Shows from Japan after their incredible closing shows of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 at Tokyo Dome. Footage of "Red Night" and "Black Night" shows including professional footage of Karate, Road Of Resistance and THE ONE English Ver. Watch below! 


BABYMETAL "Red Night & Black Night" at Tokyo Dome featured on Japanese TV

BABYMETAL played on September 19 and September 20 at Tokyo Dome as part of the closing shows of their very successful BABYMETAL World Tour 2016. The sold out shows featuring BABYMETAL performing on September 19 "Red Night" with "Black & Gold" costume while on September 20 "Black Night" featuring a "Black & Red" costume. 


The outsanding performances featuring all the songs from "BABYMETAL" and "Metal Resistance" being played spread in both shows was recorded by WOWOW company which already announced that they are going to broadcast BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 Final at Tokyo Dome in date to be announced. 


Morning shows on Japanese TV begin early on Wednesday with live reports featuring pro-shot footage of BABYMETAL's 2 Days performances at Tokyo Dome. The reports include information about the World Tour 2016 and Tokyo Dome shows, in addition with information about their previous World Tours. 


Also Japanese TV showed footage of fans outside the venue interviewing some of them to show the variety, diversity, differences in age ranges and brief interviews with BABYMETAL fans from overseas who attended to both shows. Below you will see live reports from ZIP TV, Mezamashi TV, NTV Oha4, NTV Nikkiri and TBS Hayadoki TV. 




Read: BABYMETAL Legend Metal Resistance, Red Night on September 19, show report

Read: BABYMETAL Legend Metal Resistance, Black Night on September 20, show report








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Comments: 9
  • #1

    Mike the Bike (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 03:34)

    I almost can find no words! You know, I have seen many great stage designs through the decades. I've seen Pink Floyd The Wall and the Division Bells Tour (better known as "Pulse"), I've seen Iron Maiden and AC/DC several times. So I know what I do when saying: This stage can easily hold the level of all those mentioned! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Congrats and domo arigato BABYMETAL!!!

  • #2

    Kenji (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 06:15)

    I agree. The most elaborate, OTT, larger-than-life gig I've ever attended!

  • #3

    BAT-METAL (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 08:59)

    Jeaolous Jealous Jealous Jeaolous Jealous Jealous Jeaolous Jealous Jealous Jeaolous Jealous Jealous Jeaolous Jealous Jealous, but you know, no rain, no rainbow. See you in Manchester.. please play for more than 30 minutes as I'm flying from NYC!

    Congrats, Babymeta.l. Awesome.

  • #4

    SaturnFX (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 11:44)

    Absolutely deserving of every single fan they have in that dome...stadium.
    Such a damn good group, and with fantastic personalities.
    They will have a long career ahead of them I suspect.

  • #5

    Noe gonzales (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 14:21)

    awesome band

  • #6

    BAT-METAL (Wednesday, 21 September 2016 19:34)

    OK, so just watched a vlog from the show (no filming the actual show of course).. so BABYMETAL summed a typhoon for Black Night? The vlog guy was losing his marbles because they played Tales!

    Crying here. I just realized I need to see both Manchester shows if they play different shows both nights...

  • #7

    Warwick (Friday, 23 September 2016 20:34)

    Went to both nights and they were both fantastic performances. I flew from Australia to see them, and it was worth every cent! The scale of the show was incredible - larger than life. The entire crowd were totally captivated by every moment - it was brilliant. I've never seen a better live show! I will see them again at the first opportunity.

  • #8

    Kenji (Friday, 23 September 2016 21:44)

    Hi Warwick,

    Just curious. Has BABYMETAL ever played Australia?

  • #9

    Aira (Wednesday, 25 January 2023 03:40)

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