Anime Director Yutaka Yamamoto: "I declare BABYMETAL the very forefront of contemporary art"

Famous Anime Director from Osaka Yutaka Yamamoto wrote a very interesting and deep blog about BABYMETAL's performance at Tokyo Dome. Someone like him with such experience in art praised BABYMETAL as 'the very forefront of contemporary art'. Read his blog translated below. 


Anime Director Yutaka Yamamoto blog about BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome

Yutaka Yamamoto is a Japanese anime director from Osaka. He is the founder of the Ordetanimation studio, and used to work with Animation Do. As a member of Animation Do, Yamamoto rose to prominence within the company after serving as assistant director on Munto 2: Beyond the Walls of Time. In 2006, he was selected to be the series production director of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, after which he became well-known among anime fans for the ending dance theme he choreographed. 



Yutaka Yamamoto Line Blog about BABYMETAL at Tokyo Dome. 

Wow. I don’t know how to put it into words. Sheer excitement.

Since I’m completely “late to the party” in regards to BABYMETAL, I thought I would never have anything to contribute. That’s why I never did. The ongoing debate on BABYMETAL has now spread across the world.

Anything I say would be too trite, too commonplace.


However, today’s concert experience was so overwhelming that it moves me to talk about it anyways. The overpowering performance made me wonder how other idol groups ever made it to the Tokyo Dome.

Today’s “Legend - Metal Resistance” is a product of superlative degree.

It goes without saying that BABYMETAL is at the zenith of the idol scene. The difference in quality between other groups is all too clear. Compared to them, other idol groups are school-festival quality. That doesn’t mean we should fold all the other groups in existence. As written in the book The AKB Business Model - What Is It?, one of the unique appeal of idol groups is their incompleteness, their immaturity.


I don’t dare deny them of that. But when I’m shown performance of this quality, I’m left speechless.

It’s not just the high level performance. It’s the thorough adherence to their concept in their live shows.

The set, lighting, sound system, the corsets handed out to each audience members - all contribute to the experience.

Simply breathtaking.


The concept behind BABYMETAL seems dangerously fragile. Fox God? Fighting to save the world? I personally know many idol groups that faded into obscurity because they could not live up to such concepts. Something like “Planet Korrin.” (A fictitious planet from where a particular idol claimed she came)

Most idol groups eventually “loosen” their concept to adapt to their shifting situations. AKB has done so. Even Momoiro Clover.



BABYMETAL on the other hand staunchly adheres to its concept, to the point which one can say that they are monomaniacs. But they live up to it. Their concepts are backed by their demand for extraordinary quality, and they deliver. The Kami Band, Su-Metal’s vocal performances, dance performances, their staging - all were absolutely phenomenal.


It’s incredible they even came up with the idea, let alone come up with the astronomical budget required to pull it off.

As I’ve mention in the past on Nico Nico Live, I believe the pinnacle of idol groups is the first and foremost - “Candies.” I still stand by that. And when I reflect upon my own claim that “idols are stories,” BABYMETAL does come up a little bit short.


However, their concept design and sheer quality cover for that, with change to spare. I consider this an incident that will forever change the Japanese idol scene. No one has ever seen such a “perfect idol.”

In fact, it may be pointless to categorize BABYMETAL in such a narrow realm of idols. Shouldn’t we instead see them, along with their paradoxical and humorous nature, as a product in line with contemporary Japanese art?

Isn’t the very definition of contemporary art a consummation of “parody,” “concept,” and “humor?”

In which case I declare BABYMETAL the very forefront of contemporary art.


I think I’ve written too much. But I can’t say I’ve written enough.

I’ve only arrived at the entrance to the enormous fantasy that is BABYMETAL.


I shall continue to savor its richness and profundity for a long, long time.




Blog by: Yutaka Yamamoto on Line Blog. 

Translation by: Uberbroke

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