AFP News: BABYMETAL change the world with challenging Kawaii Metal

BABYMETAL was featured on AFP News with a special coverage and interview with Kobametal, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal from their show at Zepp Tokyo for "The White Mass" performance. Interesting article and interview about their past, present and the future. Article translated below. 


BABYMETAL and Kobametal feature & interview on AFP News

Tokyo August 18, 2016 surroundings of live house "Zepp Tokyo" had been wrapped with strange excitement. Around 1000 people gathered with white painted face. Their purpose is, the white-painted limited live known as "White Mass" of the Japanese metal dance trio BABYMETAL.


As the three members appear, supported by the white dressed musicians "Kami Band" the roar of the performance begins, the floor is wrapped in enthusiasm, one after another closely the audience jumped over their heads. The dancing never stops, it's the choreography by Mikiko the popular director and choreographer. During the live even without an encore, from the beginning to the end war cry from the audience is rumbling the earth. 


"Although was interested in the ponytail girls, now admire the band supporting the members" 40 years old man says. "Orginally BABYMETAL fan. I like the place gave for the girls", woman in her 30s. The audience is different. A new trend is born involving from Metal fans to Idol fans.


BABYMETAL unit was formed in 2010. The members are Su-Metal in charge of the vocals and dance (18 years old), in her both sides are the responsibles of scream and dance Yuimetal (17 years old) and Moametal (17 years old). The key person in charge of the production and management in their agency is Kobametal. Explains that "BABYMETAL is the meaning of the birth of a new metal. It's different from the exisitng metal acts, it's aimed at the presence of the only one."


"Kawaii" and "Metal" are focused in Japan's new kind of entertainment. J-Pop and Gothic lolita elements in addition to the formal stylistic form of Metal, in the music videos has been also incomportorated such as Kimono and Karate elements. "There was no conscious awareness of the Japanese culture, it might have parts that are expressed naturally" Music Videos productor and live director Kobametal says. 


BABYMETAL, served as support act for the American Lady Gaga in 2014, in addition in United States "Metal Resistance" which was simultaneously released worldwide in April of this year in Billobard became 39, the first Japanese appearance Top40 since Kyo Sakamoto to enter Top40 in 53 years.In addition at the British Wembley Arena held a 10.000 people sold out one-man live (solo show). In July, co-starred with vocalist Rob Halford called "Metal God" in United States. 


Following their debut, a promotional video was published on Youtube's site, firing the popularity overseas, Kobametal says: "The debut was at the British Festival in 2014, a full-scale accelerated performance at Sonisphere Festival (UK)" he analyzed. The live performance put the emphasis on, the result is steady apperances in overseas tours and festivals connected with their current popularity. 


BABYMETAL to become the next Metallica. 

Relaxed voice with uncompromising performance, support musicians whom talent is great. But, regarding the members "at the time of the creation we didn't know what Heavy Metal was", sometimes are criticzed as "counterfeit of metal". In April of this year, the radio DJ Peter Barakan posted on Twitter "If Japan is being judged by something phony like that, then the world has really come to an end". And then they were awarded with the "Best Live Act" award in the British Music Awards in June, where a presenter interfered in their speech, causing ripples. 


In addition Kobametal looks back in the negative reaction "It's history, I think never existed a band who danced over metal sound. I think it might be crazy for those who are in the metal field for years, Metallica also Slipknot were not accepted in their beginnings," says calm. 


Heavy Metal that can be only Japanese

In the other hand, Lady Gaga is confesed fan, John Campbell from the US Band Lamb Of God said on Twitter "Heavy Metal will continue growing forever. BABYMETAL is one of the pretty sides of Lamb Of God". US musician Rob Zombie said in an interview "Leave it to the Japanese, making Death Metal looking cute. But was great", said in US Radio 93x. 


The teen members are learning Metal by meeting great artists in a great number of festivals. "I didn't understand the meaning of Metal, I expected a scaring dangerous appearance, I've been listening to it considerably by now. Among them, Metallica and Bring Me The Horizon, I love them, my heart trembles" says Moametal. "The experience at the venues is beyong borders and genres in a lot of Metal festivals, Metal has changed a lot in me. I would say is nice music." Yuimetal. In addition, other artists flexibility to cheer up, such the appearance and the audience onstage it's being incorpotared, members say "We are studying Metal seriously". 


Into the road, the future of BABYMETAL

This month in the days 19 and 20, Tokyo Dome concerts becomes the first time for BABYMETAL. In addition had been announced to perform as special guest for the US Band Red Hot Chili Peppers in their UK Tour in December of this year. The expectation of "BABYMETAL in the opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics" is rapidly growing among the fans. 


The pros and cons are directed to what BABYMETAL is, the new music and style also causes a friction which spreads in the world. It's regardless of whether or not Metal is mainstream. "We go down into the road. We don't understand it but there is something advancing, I believe that we must only push forward," Su-Metal says. The intrepid challenge only remains in the innocence of the girls, might be the soul in this one-of-a-kind that shakes the people.




Article by: AFP News

Photos by: Ken Shimizu

Translation by: Maik Gianino. 


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