BABYMETAL about memorable tour moments on The Grammys

A new segment of the interview with BABYMETAL had been released today by The Grammys. In this part, Moametal explains one of the memorable tour moments for BABYMETAL this year. The US Tour in May and July. Watch the segment of the interview below. 


Moametal about BABYMETAL memorable tour moments on The Grammys

Second part of The Grammys interview with BABYMETAL released in their Youtube channel. The girls are asked about memorable tour moments. This time is Moametal answering the question, she talks about the first extensive US Tour as part of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 which took place in May and July.


Moametal said: "We've experienced too many wonderful things to choose just one. But recently, we just finished our first extensive US Tour, and all the shows were sold out. We're so happy to see that so many people were waiting for BABYMETAL here in America."


Watch the rest of the interview, and many more thoughts about memorable tour moments from other bands like "A Day To Remember". 




Interview by: The Grammys

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