Su-Metal talk BABYMETAL's 30th Birthday in the celebration of 30 years of Metal Hammer

Metal Hammer Magazine from United Kingdom is celebrating the 30th Anniversary. As part of the celebrations they are releasing interviews with bands you love. In this segment they stopped to talk with Su-Metal to represent BABYMETAL. Suzuka talks about Metal Music, Sonisphere, Wembley, her ultimate aim and BABYMETAL celebrating 30 years! Interview below.


Su-Metal interviewed to celebrate the 30 years of Metal Hammer

The trio crashlanded into our world, took on Wembley Arena, and count metal’s icons among their biggest fans.

When you first came out, some people criticised you for not being a ‘real’ metal band. How did that make you feel?

Su-Metal: “We didn’t know anything about metal when we started out, so when we heard feedback from those who enjoy BABYMETAL and those who don’t, we thought, ‘Then what is metal?’ It became our motivation to learn about metal; we’re grateful for that.”


Do you feel that the metal world has embraced you now?

“Some people still can’t accept us, but our fans tell us there’s no mistake in our music and that it’s interesting. So we have more confidence in our music than ever.”


Were you surprised by how quickly you became popular, playing Sonisphere in 2014 and Wembley Arena this year?

“To be honest, everything just went by so fast, I still can’t believe it all happened in just two years.”


What was it like playing Wembley?

“It was a huge venue, but as we performed song by song, I felt that we all became one together. I was so moved when the audience sang The One. It really felt like we were being supported by everyone present at the venue.”


What’s your ultimate aim with BABYMETAL?

“We haven’t decided our final goal yet, but I feel that it will just be us meeting the challenges on the path in which we believe.”


Do you think BABYMETAL will reach its 30th birthday, which will be in 2040?

“You should know the answer to this by now. Only The Fox God knows!”




Article & Interview by: Metal Hammer

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