Sakura Gakuin "Shuoh Gakuen" Official Pamphet

Scans of Sakura Gakuin's Official Pamphlet of their first musical "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu" which took place from August 24 to September 4 at Akasaka RED/THEATER. Check the high quality scans below. 


Sakura Gakuin "Shuoh Gakuen" Official Pamphlet

Over a period of 11 days starting on August 24 Sakura Gakuin performed at Tokyo Akasaka RED/THEATER the play "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu". The 12 Sakura Gakuin students performed as a fictional school with Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa as main characters and with Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo graduates Hinata Sato and Marina Horiuchi as special guests with Nanako Kurosaki as replacement of Megumi Okada in the days August 31 and September 1. 


Sakura Gakuin play "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu"

Dates: From August 24 (Wednesday) to September 4 (Sunday) 

Venue: Tokyo Akasaka RED/THEATER

Marina Horiuchi Appearances: August 25, 27, 30, September 1 and September 3. 

Hinata Sato Appearances: August 24, 26, 29, September 2 and September 4.

Nanako Kurosaki Appearances: August 31 and September 1. 


The following pamphlet was available at the venue each day from August 24 to September 4, also available on BABYMETAL & Sakura Gakuin official store A!Smart, now you know the content, make sure to get your copy! 



Scans by: Rene Colorado

Shuoh Gakuen Pamphlet available on: A!Smart

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