BABYMETAL cover & feature on FAKKER! Magazine No.9 from Czech Republic

BABYMETAL is featured in the new issue of the Czech magazine FAKKER!. In this issue FAKKER! published a "Japan Style" Special including BABYMETAL titled "Resistance Is Futile". Check more details below. 


BABYMETAL featured in the "Japan Style" special of FAKKER! Magazine No.9

FAKKER! is Czech music magazine written by young people for young people. The content includes mainly actual music scene, both world and Czech, from the view of teenagers, students and youth until the age of 30. Its focus is rock, metal, punk, emo, gotics and its modifications. The magazine also comprises lifestyle themes as tatoos, mode, extreme sports, festivals etc. 


FAKKER! Magazine No.9 "Japan Style" special release of the magazine focuses mainly on japanese music and culture including BABYMETAL in the cover and 2 pages with the title "Resistance Is Futile"




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Special Note: If there is anyone interested to get the magazine and translate the content please let us know! 


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    bill (Monday, 05 September 2016 03:22)

    We just had some Czech people visiting with our friend. I could ask them to translate if needed.

  • #2

    BAT-METAL (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 12:53)

    Guaranteed they just keep saying BEER and Pilsner over and over and over.