33Man: The charm of the raw sound! Cute Idols together with live band performances

BABYMETAL and their amazing Kami Band were featured on 33Man about Idols performing with live bands, since turned out very common in Japan that Idols started perform with back tracks, 33Man features Idols with amazing live bands. Read the article translated and what the say about Kami Band


BABYMETAL's Kami Band is featured on 33Man: "The charm of the raw sound!"

The Idols return to the live origins = Raw sound is increasing!

Now the classic Idol live is... the backing sound of the CD source with members voices echoing. In the Idol songs there is a gap in the music between the sound arragenments and synths lines which are often filled with a karaoke easy to sing. 


In such circumstances, now are known "Hot Idols with Live band". Even though, originally Idols sang with live music from a full band. As spreading out of the foot, the advance of the programmed sound source became mainstream, but groups returned to the origins of lives and the "charm of the raw sound" is increasing in the recent years. 


BABYMETAL [Degree of complexion ★★★]

The reasons why BABYMETAL is successful worlwide is up to this point, not only Idol fans also Rock and Metal fans were captivated. The account corresponds to the plucking presence of "Kami Band" playing in their back. Centered on BOH (Bass) who plays a 6 Strings Bass, Takayoshi Ohmura (Guitar) active as member of C4 and Marty Friedman, the son of Jun Aoyama Hideki Aoyama (Drums). There is a highlight a band solo, directing the live just to a climax fueling the audience, their figures show a strong professional commitment with the three BABYMETAL. That'w why them, and the audience headbang seriously. 


The Kami Band descended for first time in an encore at Shibuya O-East performance in 2012. Until the Kami Band descended personnel was playing their role on stage. The live music of the two songs "Head Bangya !!" and "Ijime, Dame, Zettai" was unveiled, the air of the place had been transformed. It was at that exact moment when BABYMETAL raised to a new phase on stage. 


Other artists featured: Buono!, Momoiro Clover Z, Negicco, Oyasumi Horoguramu, PassCode. 




Article by: 33man

Translation by: Maik Gianino.

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