RHCP's Flea on BABYMETAL: "They’re banging, the band is really great, they’re awesome"

Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea was interviewed by Radio X FM from United Kingdom to talk about their upcoming UK Tour with BABYMETAL in December. He praised BABYMETAL's style and why they decided to invite the band, read an excerpt of the interview below. 


Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist "Flea" talks about BABYMETAL and UK Tour

Flea: Red Hot Chili Peppers’ UK Tour Will “Elevate And Uplift”

Plus, he promises you’ll “dance like a wildebeest” to support act BABYMETAL...


Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Flea has been explaining how the band’s upcoming British shows will be something special.

The Chili Peppers have just announced their first UK tour in five years, taking in London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester this December. Speaking to Radio X’s Sunta Templeton before the band took to the stage at Leeds Festival, the bassist explained how the band were constantly pushing themselves to be better.


He said: “[On this tour] I just want to elevate, uplift myself, sweat blood and channel the mighty powers that govern all of us. Anything that we do, every show that we play, every note that we that we do in any context, I always feel like I’m just scratching the surface of what’s possible. What’s the point of living if you’re not trying to get better at it? It’s my mission. Our lives will be over in a flash and I hope to use mine as meaningfully as I can.”


Flea also revealed he was excited about the prospect of touring with the all-female Japanese rock trio BABYMETAL.


“They’re banging, the band is really great, they’re awesome,” said Flea. “We saw them play at a festival in Japan and it seemed like it would be fun to have those funny girls with us, rocking out. All I really want from any band is: make me feel like I’ve never felt before. Do something to me, I want to feel like it’s dangerous, or make me feel like I’m floating into the ether, or dance like a wildebeest, just do something to me. It’s become more and more rare to get that unique feeling. With BABYMETAL, it was a 'what the hell’s going on' kind of feeling!”


Tickets for the UK shows go on general sale on Friday 2 September from 10am.




Article and Interview by: Radio X UK

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  • #1

    BAT-METAL (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 07:44)

    I'll see you in Manchester, Flea! Those funny girls are going to run you into your grave LOL.. You may *THINK* that denying the opening act the full stage, and all the lights, etc. will keep BM under some sort of control, but you are going to find out that they are even better on a small stage with no props ! Just Black Babymetal alone is going to exhaust all the headbangers!


  • #2

    BAt-METAL (Tuesday, 30 August 2016 09:15)

    *happy dance* goin' to Manchester *happy dance*

    Can't believe I'm flying from NY to Manchester to see BM!! I could spend all that money on Christmas presents, but you know what? you only live once. I'm going to see the best live band of all time, and one of the other best live bands from some time ago :-D

    If anybody reads this... see you in Manchester! \m/(>.<)\m/

  • #3

    BAT-METAL (Thursday, 01 September 2016 07:48)

    OK Flea, I have a plan for you. You guys have to explode straight out of the gate, and don't let up for at least 15 minutes. I'd go with:

    1 Subway to Venus
    2 Power of the Equality (duet with Suzuka - good tie-in to the BABYMETAL message)
    3 Higher Ground
    4 Naked in the Rain
    5 One of your boring ballads
    Continue sourcing Mother's Milk and BSSM.

    Do not under any cicumstances play anything published after 1991, except 2-3 power ballads. Bring Suzuka on for the ballads - NO SWEARING! Black BABYMETAL would be awesome with the 'hey batter batter hey batter hey batter batter" that's right up their alley.
    Good luck boys, see you in Manchester! Get some sleep.. Take some cardio - you have a couple months. I would avoid their Tokyo Dome shows totally - you don't want to get discouraged! LOL