Real Sound rehearsal report: Sakura Gakuin debuts "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu"

Real Sound Japan live report and photos of the Sakura Gakuin dress rehearsal before their debut at Akasaka RED/THEATER for their first play ever called "Shouh Gakuen Gasshou-bu" (Cosmos Gakuen Chorus Club). Details article about the plot of the play, characters and performance. Check the article translated below! 


Real Sound live report & photos of Sakura Gakuin play "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu"

Sakura Gakuin, between the days of August 24th to September 4th, will be staging the play "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu" at Akasaka RED/THEATER. In this article, a report from the dress rehearsal during the first day of the play. 


Sakura Gakuin, formed in 2010, has reached it's first challenge in a full-fledge theater. Singing in the "growth period limited unit" there are 8 Middle school students; of the total 12 members 4 are in their last year before becoming Middle school students. The members are called "students" and the fans are called "Fukei", the name describes the group's theme as "school life"


This play "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu", is taking advantage of the theme of school life in it's full meaning, taking advantage of Sakura Gakuin's likeness in full content. The 12 students in the play perform fictional school students of "Shiritsu Shuoh Gakuen" (Cosmos Private School). The main cast are Sara Kurashima and Mirena Kurosawa, both Middle school third graders. 


Kurosawa plays as Nanami Yurisawa; the play starts when the young lady comes as transfer student to the "Shiritsu Shuoh Gakuen", known by the name of "Shuoh". The Institute's Students Council President, feared as "Ao Oni" (Blue demon) by the students, is Aoi Kanzaki, played by Kurashima, leading the school life like the army. Nanami gradually changes the students of the school with her brightness and taking inherent actions. Meanwhile, Nanami hears about a chorus competition,  launching a chorus club along with other students with the goal of winning the competition of the restrive school as the content of the story evolves. 


Kurashima's character dignifies bravery, Kurosawa's character is cheerfully innocent; with this contrast, the story progresses, gradually changing the relationship between these two. In addition, the story delves into the personalities of the 12 students. Aiko Yamaide plays Hina Nagase, a character important for Aoi. Soyoka Yoshida plays Honjyo Karen who also plays piano. On stage, there are many singing scenes of Sakura Gakuin's music, as it progresses, the screenplay parts and direction of Mr. Shinjiro Kameda (Tokyo Pachi Produce) shine. Deserves a special mention the beautiful voice of the students. Also, on stage appear Sakura Gakuin 2013 Nendo graduates Marina Horiuchi and Hinata Sato. Both appear as Asuka Sakurai (Sato appears in the rehearsal), Asuka Sakurai's role is important in the story. 


When the curtain calls the end of the play, Kurosawa says: "We have been practicing for a long time ago, I think we are really pleased to be able to welcome the first day in this manner". Yamaide says: "It's the first time Sakura Gakuin does a play, we have learned a lot of things for the first time, failed too, we can finally greet the first day". Graduate Hinata Sato sent a message to the juniors: "Since it's my first time performing with the 12 students, performing as Sakurai (Asuka) is nice because I'm a Sakura Gakuin senior from now until the end!". Finally Yoshida adds with enthusiasm: "Today's rehearsal been a successful piano production, it would be great if I could watch it from the audience".





Play: Shuoh Gakuen Gassou-bu (Cosmos Gakuen Chorus Club)

Dates: From August 24 (Wednesday) to September 4 (Sunday)

Cast: Sakura Gakuin**, Marina Horiuchi, Hinata Sato. 

Writer and Director: Shinjiro Kameda. 

Nanako Kurosaki appearances in place of Megumi Okada: August 31, September 1. 

Venue: Akasaka RED / THEATER



Kurashima Sara as Kanzaki Aoi

Kurosawa Mirena as Yurisawa Nanami

Yamaide Aiko as Nagase Hina

Okada Megumi & Kurosaki Nanako as Uesugi Momoka

Okazaki Momoko as Ichijyo Misaki

Asou Maaya as Asahina Moe

Hidaka Marin as Kusunose Alcantara Ayame

Shintani Yuzumi as Saeki Yuzuka

Fujihira Kano as Nikaido Satsuki

Yoshida Soyoka as Honjyo Karen

Aritomo Tsugumi as Edami Erika

Mori Momoe as Ooba Sumire

Sato Hinata & Horiuchi Marina as Sakurai Asuka




Article and Photos by: Real Sound Japan.

Translation by: Maik Gianino

Style Editor: Daniel Fuentes


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