Suzuka's sister Himeka interview on Street Jack: "Nakamoto 3 sisters story"

Suzuka Nakamoto's sister Himeka Nakamoto member of Nogizaka46 was interviewed by Street Jack Magazine in the "Hello Me" section to talk about her family in an interview called "Nakamoto 3 sisters story" featuring beautiful photo montage of her as baby with herself nowadays. Beautiful feature for Nakamoto's family. Interview translated below. 


Himeka Nakamoto interviewed on Street Jack: "Nakamoto 3 sisters story"

Interviewer: At home, what kind of child were you? 

Himeka: "I’m the middle child of the three sisters, my older sister and younger sister get along really well, I was probably a bit isolated…"


Interviewer: And so did you become sulky or timid?

Himeka: "I said “I don’t fit in with these people” (laughs) At home I play with Hamtaro figures by myself. But there was a time where the three of us sisters would be into this game. At the time in elementary school, there was a return (revival in popularity) of the “Tamagotchi” boom. The three of us bought 3 different coloured Tamagotchi, and would like communicate earnestly with each other! We would talk about how the character would change depending on how you grow it and say things like “I want to win them all”! We tried to master it."


Interviewer: And then the three sisters tried by trial and error?

Himeka: "No, I was looking at the guidebook since the beginning (laughs). I’m the type that wants to see the correct answer first."


Interviewer: So the three sisters didn't use their own power but rather played using a guide book (laughs)



Interview and photos by: Street Jack Magazine.

Street Jack Magazine available on: Amazon Japan.

Translation by: Suzanne Nguyen


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    Robert (Monday, 15 April 2019 21:33)

    what is the name of the older sister