BABYMETAL talk Wembley, Fuji Rock, Tokyo Dome and music travels

BABYMETAL was interviewed in the latest issue of Music Complex Magazine to talk about their past experience at Wembley Arena, their show debut at Fuji Rock Festival and the reception from the audience, the upcoming shows at Tokyo Dome and more! Read the interview translated below. 


BABYMETAL about music travels experiences, Fuji Rock & expectations for Tokyo Dome

Triumphant Homecoming Live Concert ! Latest Comments from the Members after Fuji Rock Festival.


BABYMETAL’s first live performance in Japan in seven months was held at “Fuji Rock Festival 2016”, one of the nation’s biggest rock festivals. Shortly after the live performance there, we (Note: Pia Music Complex Magazine) asked them to tell us about their “travel”.


- After the album “Metal Resistance” was released worldwide simultaneously, you have been going through the world tour which started off with the mega-successful performance at SSE Arena, Wembley, in England. Do you feel any changes in audience reactions?


Su-Metal: "The audience singing “The One” along with us, or jumping with us when I say to them “jump!” Those things gave me more sense of unity. But at the same time, we were able to find various reactions from place to place."

Yuimetal:  "I thought our audience has become varied, age-wise or musical-genre-wise! Particularly, I get the impression that parents with their children now come to see us more."

Moametal:  I am happy because people are enjoying our live shows, and looking at BABYMETAL warmly, as always DEATH!! I hear that, after the album Metal Resistance and the SSE Wembley show, more people came to know us and appreciate our music. I think the circle of BABYMETAL is growing bigger."


- During the world tour, were there any moments that made you feel like “BABYMETAL and its music have been acknowledged thoroughly"?


Su-Metal:  "We had that feeling particularly at the festivals we performed. Until last year, people often came to see our stage after we started the show. Their reactions were like “what are those girls doing?” This year, a lot of people were already waiting before the show began, I think. Or, when the intro of “Gimme Choco” starts, the audience goes like “Yeah! I know this tune!!” I was so happy to see that DEATH!!"

Yuimetal:  "We were the ones who usually talked to people. But recently, people often come to talk to us."

Moametal:  "Though we are rarely recognized in Japan, people abroad sometimes came and talked to us, “Are you BABYMETAL?” or “I’m a fan of yours”, during the world tour. So it seems to be that more people are interested in us these days."


- On July 24, you performed at Fuji Rock Festival, one of the nation’s largest rock festivals, for the first time. How did you feel about it?


Su-Metal:  "Since it was our first time to participate in Fuji Rock, I kind of thought this might be an “away game.” . But the audience welcomed us warmly. I could see so many people far away from us jam-packed, with all smiles on their face. So while performing, I myself started smiling in genuine joy."

Yuimetal:  "I was looking forward to performing at Fuji Rock, since it was our show in Japan in a while, and we always wanted to participate in the festival. I never expected so many people coming to see us, much less to a degree that the entrance regulation was set around the stage area. I was very glad DEATH!!" 

Moametal:  "To become united as “the one” with those who are not even our fans, and with BABYMETAL fans of course! And to deliver our most love through our performance. I think we have achieved those purposes at the festival. I wish all of them would feel like, “I saw BABYMETAL. They were really good!” Thank you all for coming to see us in the rain!!"


- In this issue of PMC, our special topic is “Music Travels!” Tell us about any miracle or encounter you experienced through music, during the world tour, that is to say your “travel”.

Su-Metal:  "We had many encounters as usual. Yet the best thing was to perform together with Rob Halford of Judas Priest. Even during the rehearsal, he had such a powerful aura that "just him being there made people drawn to him”. That is why he has been called the legend, I thought. The show itself came and went so quick that it was to me as if everything was in my dream. But it was the first time for me to enjoy music from the bottom of my heart."

Yuimetal:  "Everything that is happening around BABYMETAL is miracle, I think. This is like a dream."

Moametal:  "A most surprising miracle was the performance with the Metal God. Just one year or so after we met Rob-san, we BABYMETAL could stand on the same stage with that “Rob-san”!!! Rob-san was so sweet to us, and gave us that wonderful experience."


- Tell us how you feel about the upcoming Tokyo Dome concerts.


Su-Metal:  "I started feeling only recently that we are actually going to perform at Tokyo Dome. I want the Japanese audience to see us, particularly us having grown in many senses after the world tour."

Yuimetal:  "We owe everybody who has been involved in BABYMETAL for having our own shows at Tokyo Dome. Therefore, we want to deliver our utmost thanks and the best performance there!!"

Moametal:  "I always think that our utmost happiness is to see our music and performance going all over infinitely, transcending nationality, gender, and generation, thereby connecting everybody together. The stage is the place where we could fulfill those goals. Tokyo Dome is the last place of BABYMETAL World Tour 2016! We look forward to seeing you all there."




Translation by: Atmybabel

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