BABYMETAL #2 most Tweet artist during Rock In Japan Festival 2016 Day 1

Billboard Japan released a list of the most Tweet artists during their performances at the Rock In Japan Festival 2016 Day 1. BABYMETAL played on August 6 (Show report). Read more about Billboard's article below. 


Who became hot topic on Twitter during Rock In Japan Festival 2016? BABYMETAL #2

In Ibaraki Prefecture in the Hitachi Seaside Park from August 6 to August 7 and from August 13 to August 14 in two weeks was the held Rock In Rock Festival 2016 produced by Rockin'On Japan. From Bump Of Chicken, The Yellow Monkey, to One Ok Rock, Gen Hoshino, Kimura Kaela, and J-Pop artists like Ikimonogakari, Kreva, Hip Hop artists, Idols, over 205 artists active in Japan waged enthusiastic performances. 


Billboard Japan counted the number of Tweets of #RIJF + the name of each artists during each performance to create the ranking of the artists. What artists became hot topic during the period of the event? Check the list of the artists below. 


ROCK IN JAPAN DAY 1, 2016.08.03 - 

01 - Oldcodex 11:40 at Park Stage


02 - BABYMETAL 11:50 at Grass Stage 

If you look at the number of spectators who gathered at the venue you will say "Of course", that's why BABYMETAL is #2 in Tweets ranking. During the live it was heard from the audience "Woow", "That's cute!". Not only in this country also their heavy and cute sound continues a dominating growth overseas, and that was the first impression of the audience who got captured at that moment. 


03 - UVERworld 17:10 at Grass Stage


04 - Gen Hoshino - 18:30 at Grass Stage


05 - 10 Feet - 10:30 at Grass Stage



Article by: Billboard Japan. 

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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