Natalie: BABYMETAL debuts song at domestic "White Mass" as fans gather in coprse paint

Entertainment site published a live report including photos of the BABYMETAL performance of "The White Mass" at Zepp Tokyo. The Day 2 at Zepp Tokyo featured the debut in Japan of Yuimetal and Moametal song "Sis.Anger". Read the report translated and check the photos of the show below. 


Natalie report + photos of BABYMETAL "The White Mass" at Zepp Tokyo Day 2

BABYMETAL held in Tokyo at Zepp Tokyo on August 18 the second day of "THE ONE" membes-only live "Apocrypha, The White Mass"


"Apocrypha, The White Mass" commonly called "White Mass" is an event for "THE ONE" members-only. Corpse paint has become a dress code, participants with painted white face with highly original makeups. 


At the beginning of the performance there is a video transmitted not a MC performance, BABYMETAL is guided by the performance of the Kami Band, cheers rush, such roars are from the floor. The three girls performance at the hot Zepp Tokyo featured classic live songs as "Gimme Chocolate" and "Catch Me If You Can", sang from the latest album "Metal Resistance", "Sis.Anger" recorded by Yuimetal and Moametal becomes in the first national performance, attendees continued enthusastic over the period of about one hour. 



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Translation by: Maik Gianino


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