HMV News live report & photos: BABYMETAL at Rock In Japan Festival 2016

HMV News live report from the epic BABYMETAL performance at Rock In Japan Festival 2016 in Ibaraki, Japan on August 6 in front of more than 50.000 people (Show report). Aside BABYMETAL was one of the Festival openers they carried out a great show for all their fans out there. Read the live report translated and official photos below! 


BABYMETAL at Rock In Japan Festival 2016, live report + photos by HMV News

During 2016, got chart action in British - American charts with the new album "Metal Resistance", was the first concert for a Japanese artists at Wembley Arena in London, also achieved growth during the World Tour, which is their third time, BABYMETAL descended in the Grass Stage of the Rock In Japan Festival 2016. 


While "BABYMETAL Death" was resounding by Kami Band, the three girls appeared.  They laden even a greater experience than the time they played at Countdown Japan 15/16, huge open air stage suits well for them. Cool and cute performance. Tough sound as well. It's the intro of "Megitsune", while she was removing the Fox mask from her face "Are you ready Rock In Japan!?" emananting a cool reaction. 


Also jumped with a special call in Japanese from Su-Metal, a moment to heat up the venue. She in "KARATE" issued "Minna no koe kika sete, issho ni utatte kureru!" ("Everyone let us hear you voice, sing together with us!"). The unity of the sing along in this song was very moving. 


After this, she brushed the stage, they re-emerge with flags. The texture of the show got engraved with the flag logo which was enough to get goosebumps. Finished with "Road Of Resistance" the last call was"We are BABYMETAL, see you in September at Tokyo Dome", then they leave the stage. 


During the live, it's well understood that more and more audience gets captivated even those who went to see BABYMETAL by curiousity. Everyone, listened the rumors of their success, they enjoyed the performance as the superimpose show unfolds in front of their own eyes. 




Live review by: Tsuyoshi Matsui of HMV News

Photos by: HMV News 

Translation by: Maik Gianino.  

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  • #1

    BAT-METAL (Monday, 22 August 2016 08:36)

    So jealous again! I want to see them so bad it's killing me, but I'm nof going to Japan by myself. :-(. Please come back to the States.!

    I just had a foxvision last night - BABYMETAL performing Bohemian Rhapsodu? They could totally pull it off!

    Still tring to imagine what band could nail a BABYMETAL cover. LOL, nobody I can think of.

  • #2

    Aira (Monday, 30 January 2023 02:28)

    I dеfinitely loved every little bit of it and I have you book marked too check .
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