Herman Li on collaborating with BABYMETAL: "BABYMETAL experience was great"

The National Student had the chance to talk with DragonForce lead guitarist Herman Li. Herman was asked about the collaborations and artists Dragonforce worked with, BABYMETAL was mentioned in a couple of paragraphs, check what Herman Li has to say. 


Herman Li talk collaborating with BABYMETAL for "Road Of Resistance"

Herman Li from DragonForce collaborated with BABYMETAL for the opening track of their second album "Metal Resistance". "Road Of Resistance" making process according to Herman Li started in 2013 along with Sam Totman. Below an excerpt of The National Student interview with Herman Li. 


...PelleK is one of a handful of musicians that DragonForce has collaborated with over the past couple of years.


In 2014, Trivium front-man Matt Heafy contributed backing vocals on the band’s Maximum Overload album and last year, Herman and fellow guitarist Sam Totman appeared on the track ‘Road of Resistance’ by Japanese idols BABYMETAL.


BABYMETAL is the only outside artist that we have worked with, with Matt Heafy obviously doing the backing vocals on the albums; they’ve both been great. We haven’t had any bad experience, but I’m pretty picky to be honest. We don’t really play on many albums, but the BABYMETAL experience was great, and Matt Heafy sent me these fucking incredible backing vocals. They sounded really cool!


“[BABYMETAL] contacted us a couple months before [their 2015 debut album] actually came out. And I knew of them before because we tour a lot in Japan and we know about the scene out there, so they just asked and said ‘We’d love to have you playing the guitars on this song. But there’s no title yet,’ and I said ‘Yeah, hey, I know what you guys do. It’s different, it’s original, it’ll be fun.’


“It’s the kind of fun thing that DragonForce usually do. It was great; I enjoyed working with them, recording and also playing with them that one time at the [2015] Golden Gods.”


DragonForce has always maintained a very close relationship with BABYMETAL’s homeland of Japan, something which has come about because, in Li’s opinion, “they’re not really trend followers”.




Excerpt taken from: The National Student

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