BABYMETAL & Rob Halford interviewed on Alternative Press, "Dream come true"

Rob Halford and BABYMETAL interviewed by Alternative Press, the girls and Rob stopped at the PRS Backstage Lounge to share their impressions about their performance and talk about the process of making the live collaboration. Watch the interview below. 


BABYMETAL & Rob Halford interviewed at PRS Backstage Lounge at APMAS

The PRS Backstage Lounge correspondent Ryan J. Downey interviewed BABYMETAL and Rob Halford after their great performance at the Alternative Press Music Awards 2016 in Columbus, Ohio on July 18. 


BABYMETAL performed "KARATE" and them performed "Painkiller" and "Breaking The Law" (Show report). 


In this interview Rob Halford and the girls discuss with AP how was the process of planning the performances after their meeting at the Rock On The Range Festival in Columbus last year, adding an additional song to their setlist and in addition Su-Metal added her impression of the performance at the awards ceremony. 


Watch the full interview below. 


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