Sakura Gakuin compose music & improvise with instruments on "Lesson Of Music"

Sakura Gakuin held at the Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Yokohama City, Kanagawa a new Open Class event the "Lesson Of Music" with the teacher and music composer Sakita Hajime. wrote an article including an album of photos about the event, read the article translated and the photos below! 


Sakura Gakuin challenged to compose and play improvisations on "Lesson Of Music"

On August 14 Sakura Gakuin held the open class event "Lesson Of Music"at Hamagin Hall Via Mare in Kanagawa. 


This time the teacher is a composer, in charge of musicians Sakita Hajime. The lesson is carried out in three times, the first period features Aiko Yamaide, Maaya Asou, Kano Fujihira and Momoe Mori, the second unit features Sara Kurashima, Momoko Okazaki, Yuzumi Shintani and Soyoka Yoshida, the third period of the class features Mirena Kurosawa, Megumi Okada, Marin Hidaka and Tsugumi Aritomo, were challenged to compose and play improvisations using a variety of instruments and familiar items. 


In addition the students learned how to put out the sound source for a musical performance, also tried guitars, drums, ukelele, etc. The members in sets of two, selected the instrument to fit the theme decided by lottery, and started to compose. When the students playing the music made it on the spot, the Fukei (Sakura Gakuin fans) at the venue sent big rounds of applause to the stage. In the last period of the class Hidaka's calibration production involved a big chourus with not only Mori-Sensei but also was seen the teacher Sakita. 


Sakura Gakuin to host the first stage performance of "Shuoh Gakuen Gasshou-bu" over 11 days at Tokyo Akasaka Red / Theater starting on August 24. The graduates Marina Horiuchi and Hinata Sato will appear daily for Sakura Gakuin




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Official photos by: Sakura Gakuin

Translation by: Maik Gianino


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