BABYMETAL nominated for "Best Live Act" in the AIM Independent Music Awards

AIM Independent Music Awards 2016 revealed the full list of nominees after a careful deliberation by their panel, along with 15.000 public votes, BABYMETAL has been nominated for "Best Live Act"!. Check more details below! 


BABYMETAL nominated "Best Live Act" in the AIM Independent Music Awards 2016

On June 13 was announced that BABYMETAL was Pre-Nominated for "Best Live Act" in the AIM Independent Music Awards 2016 (Check our post here). Today, August 2, 2016 BABYMETAL has been officially nominated for "Best Live Act" in the sixth annual AIM Independent Music Awards, the winners will be announced at the event which will take place at The Brewery in London on September 6 2016.


AIM says that "the ceremony will be packed with the independent music industry's finest, all turning out to celebrate another outstanding year for independent music.".


BEST LIVE ACT -voted for by visitors to Songkick


Caravan Palace


Sunset Sons

Wolf Alice


BABYMETAL's appearance in the ceremony is not confirmed, please notice. 

For more details and full list of nominees visit:

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    BAT-Metal (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 12:49)

    I have nobody to discuss these things with,, so will post here until admin says stop!
    1: I'm still baffled that nobody in the western press is really seeing how talented Suzuka is. This is maybe understandable: I'm a huge music nerd and musician and it didn't really hit me either until I started focusing on her. Yes, all of the BM crew are amazing, but like any other band, the lead vocalist is always going to be the main attraction, fair or not, so - not to take anything at all away from Yui and Moa, but Suzuka is the most talented performer I've ever seen, any rock / pop genre, besides Michael Jackson maybe. I mean, c'mon press! Is it because she makes it look so easy? One of my favorite 'Su is AWESOME' moments is in the live shows (I'm thinking the one live CD we can get in the states) at the end of IDZ, when she's yelling out 'we are'? She's already danced like a possessed whirling dervish for over an hour, she MUST be close to complete exhaustion, but if you listen closely, she's not yelling or sceaming 'we are' (BABYMETAL).... she's actually singing possibly the highest notes in her register. Especially the very last 'we are', before 'thank you"? HOW DOES SHE DO THIS.?? I get goosebumps every time. She's just so talented,
    2: Related to above - Suzuka Nakamoto makes any other pop star that lip syncs 'because of all the dancing' look like amateurs! After Su-Metal, there is no excuse at all to lip sync. Sorry, KPP and Perfume! (for example).
    3: The genre controversy is so meaningless anymore. Please don't kick me off the site for saying: I'm not 100% against some Metal guys saying BM are not Metal. Metal fans are great, loyal fans. They own the genre. They get a say. My feeling is some of these guys would not care AT ALL, but the Metal press IS sort of shoving BM down everybody's throat, so I can see a MetalHammer reader who love the dark, angry, broody side of Metal is going to be pissed. This just goes with the territory. From what I've seen, this has not devolved in to Gamergate-style nasty anti-woman right-wing battle - the detractors, being Metal fans, are pretty much doing what metal fans do.. "this band sucks, this band rules, this band can all die".. BABYMETAL only gets stronger from this debate.
    What I cannot accept is fools saying they are 'just' dancing and singing' 'just'. really?
    4: The songs! Nobody talks about the actual songs in the western press. And if they do, they are sort of laughing at Awadama Fever, Choco, Doki Doki, GJ!, Song4, like those songs are disposable jokes (gimmicky). These are the core BM sound! (to me anyway. I love them)
    Dear Press, another huge draw of BABYMETAL is the objective fact that they have no bad songs. It's crazy I know, but it's just how it is. You don't get far in the music world without an excellent singer, and great songs! Again.. BM don't publish sub-standard songs. Show me one Metallica, Slayer, Taylor Swift or Beyonce album that is not at least 25% boring garbage. I'll wait.............................
    5: BABYMETAL concerts are so awesome because of the way they connect with the audience. Black BABYMETAL gives 200% effort to get the audience pumped up and chanting. I still have not seen a show, but I've watched just hundreds of hours of footage, and I've never seen a band and an audience connect like this.
    I get the feeling that.. you go to see Metallica and that's it. BABYMETAL comes to you, and makes you part of the band. You are chanting and singing and dancing along, because there is absolutely no option to do otherwise! The BM crew are especially skilled at this!
    6: I won't dwell on the live show - a billion words can't really convey how great it is, but I''ll just add this one thing that I think the Western Press is also missing:
    I first saw a complete BM concert video 3 months ago. It was the London Forum blu ray. Honestly, I thought it was fake! Meaning: I did not believe that they could reproduce the album versions so perfectly, And the English crowd just seemed to perfect.. I really thought it was a very elaborate MTV video (lip synched, fake crowds). When I finally realized that this band was playing live, I knew immediately this must be the best live band of all time. It's still shocking.