BABYMETAL featured on teen magazine "HEJ!" from Serbia!

BABYMETAL was featured in mainstream media from Serbia on "HEJ!" Magazine released today (August 1, 2016). The article features information about the members, their success on Youtube, 6 Facts about the band featuring Kami Band! Check the content of the magazine trascribed and translated below! 


HEJ! Magazine on BABYMETAL: "They look small but they sound like dynamite"

BABYMETAL was featured in the Serbian Magazine for teenargers "HEJ!" (which means "Hey!"), issue released on August 1, 2016. Translation and trascription below:


- Fire Metalhead girls from Japan. They look tiny but they sound like dynamite.

Three cute Japanese girls, Suzuka Nakamoto - Su-Metal (18), Yui Mizuno - Yuimetal (17) and Moa Kikuchi - Moametal (17), unified under the name of Babymetal brought a unusual interpretation of Metal in the music industry. 



If you're wondering how popular are these three Japanese teens, it's safe to say that their biggest hit song "Gimme Chocolate" reached an incredible number of 35 million views on Youtube. By the time you've read this text, the number will go up to almost 60 million.


The girls found the band in 2010 and their unusual music is described as a mix of Kawaii Metal, J-pop Idol music and Heavy, Death and Symphonic Metal - plus it's all spiced up with their great choreography. The girls don't fit in typical metal stereotypes and a lot of people say that money or good production is the way they got so successful so fast. During the day they're fine students, but when night falls, these girls turn themselves in badass metal girls.



1. In 2012, they performed at Summer Sonic, one of the biggest Japanese Rock festivals as youngest performers there.

2. On live shows, their backing band is called Kami Band and it consists of Mikio Fujioka, Hideki Aoyama, BOH, Takayoshi Ohmura and Leda.

3. Their costumes are inspired by Japanese Goth and Punk Lolita style of dressing.

4. They have rehearsals every day after school.

5. Before they started the band, they weren't that familiar with Metal music, but they really liked that kind of music.

6. In 2014, they performed at the Sonisphere festival in Britain alongside great Metal musicians like Deftones,Carcass and Iron Maiden.


Famous magazine "Metal Hammer" said that Babymetal perfectly combines Japanese music with Metal. It's a fact that Babymetal is getting more popular worldwide and they're showing how language barriers are not a problem to being successful (again, I changed it a little bit). The girls found a formula to success and we're looking forward to seeing them live in our country. So, if you still haven't heard their music, it's about time you start!




For more details about this issue visit: SVET.

Translation by: madpackie


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