Sakura Gakuin new song "Melodic Solfege" out on August 3 !!

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo announced the release of a new song called "Melodic Solfege" out on August 3 on CIAO September's issue! Check the details in English and where to get your copy today! 


Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo new Single "Melodic Solfege" on August 3!

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo announce the first new song of Fiscal Year 2016 to be called "Melodic Solfege" (Merodikku Sorufeeju), it was decided to be the ending them of the "Shougakukan" of CIAO September's Issue DVD "Ciao Ciao TV" to be released on August 3!  This song has a classical music theme.


Please check by all means the new issue of CIAO Magazine issue September 2016! 



Release date: August 3, 2016 (Wednesday) 

Available on: Shougakukan CIAO Apprendix DVD "Ciao Ciao TV" 

Get on: Amazon Japan and CD Japan.


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