Actor Yuuzou Kayama praise BABYMETAL on TBS Sawako No Asa

Daily Japan in the Gossip section features Yuuzou Kayama comments on TBS TV Show "Sawako No Asa" (Sawako's Morning), Yuuzou speaks about BABYMETAL and his favorite song of the group "Gimme Chocolate". It's the song that resonates in his heart at the moment, read more below. 


Yuuzou Kayama about BABYMETAL "They are amazing" on TBS Sawako No Asa

Actor Yuuzou Kayama (79 Years Old) appeared on the TBS talk show "Sawako No Asa" and praised the metal trio dance unit BABYMETAL


At usual corner of the program "Songs that resonates in your heart", he cited "Gimme Chocolate" of BABYMETAL. Sawako Agawa the presenter (62 Years Old) got blank when, "When I heard one of their songs I was like 'What is this?'. The dancing is something totally new. The dancing is really sharp and the singing is perfect." He emphatized the appeal of BABYMETAL


When Agawa realized the song of the metal dance unit of the teens, surprised said "This song strikes your heart Yuuzou-san?". In addition "When I heard the song I was like 'what is this?'. The rhythm is new and are many aspects that are Japanese driven. They are amazing."


"I doubt that another 79 years old person find them interesting.". As Awaga was amazed to speak he continued, "Many friends of my age are like 'What the hell is this?'"




Article by: Daily Japan

Program broadcasted on: July 30, TBS Talk Show "Sawako No Asa". 

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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