Watch the new Sakura Gakuin program on #LoGiRL, July 11

New Sakura Gakuin program on LoGiRL of TV Asahi featuring this week Students Vice President Aiko Yamaide, Momoe Mori, Kano Fujihira, and 2016 Nendo Students Council President Sara Kurashima along with the always awesome Mori-Sensei! Watch the episode below. 


New Sakura Gakuin episode on #LoGiRL with Aiko, Momoe, Kano, and Sara


New Sakura Gakuin show on LoGiRL, first program after the release of their new Live Video "The Road To Graduation 2015". This week the shows features Aiko, Momoe, Kano, and President Sara along with Mori-Sensei. In this episode the girls show us their charms with another Gossip Box segment, Sara leading a quiz on sea creatures while she wears her own glasses! Sara looks beautiful!



PachiPachi7 (counting/clapping game) also returns, are the girls ready to make new records?

Watch the full episde below couresty of our collaborator MissingReel!


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    BAT-Metal (Wednesday, 13 July 2016 06:36)

    I've been ignoring this crew. You know what I do NOT need right now? Another group of insanely talented singers, infecting my brain with beautiful singing, so I have to spend all my money on Albums, T-Shirts, Bobble heads, posters, key chains, etc., then AGAIN having to explain to people it's not about 'Japenese school girls'. Following BABYMETAL is a full-time job. I'm exhausted. I have to follow KPP as well. By the way, you guys REALLY need to step up your merch presence in the States. We have money. We are more than happy to empty our bank accounts for BM gear. There's almost nothing!

    **sigh**. OK., Sakura Gakuin. I give in. Please point me to every single bit of Suzuka Nakamoto's Sakura Gakuin work.

    I will never sleep again.