Su-Metal talk Japanese culture influence abroad on Alt. Press Magazine

BABYMETAL was featured and Su-Metal interviewed in the August issue of Alternative Press Magazine to commemorate the Alternative Press Music Awards 2016 to take place in United States on July 18. BABYMETAL is nominated as "Best International Band", Su-Metal speaks about the influence of Japanese culture, read below. 


BABYMETAL featured on Alternative Press Magazine issue August 2016

BABYMETAL is nominated to the Alternative Press Music Awards 2016 in the "Best International Band" category (Read more here), also was announced that BABYMETAL will be playing their last show of the US Tour at the ceremony in collaboration with Judas Priest's vocalist Rob Halford (Read more here). 


Alternative Press Magazine released a commemorative issue to celebrate the Music Awards ceremony to take place in United States on July 18. BABYMETAL was featured and Su-Metal interviewed about the influence of Japanese culture in North America, read and check the details below. 


Suzuka "Su-Metal" Nakamoto, vocals: "The biggest influence from our homeland would be the Japanese language itself. We come from Japan, we sing mostly in Japanese and sometimes we hear that our fans get intereste in Japanese culture through our music. For us, that is really cool. It feels like a lot of people love Japanese culture abroad, with things like anime and Japanese games translating well. Obviously, people also love Japanese food in America, so I think some of our influences are well understood by audiences abroad.


I also feel that the fusion of the metal sound and dance is something that is unique to apanese culture, too. Touring has shown me that to me, and it has definitely been a very essential part of BABYMETAL's growth. Being able to visit so many different countries and see how people reac to us in different ways is always a learning experience for us."





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Pictures courtesy of: Rene Colorado

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    BAT-METAL (Monday, 11 July 2016 08:55)

    Man, I hope BM does not give in to the pressure to have Su sing English on more songs. Totally unnecessary and counter-productive. One or two numbers is enough! (I LOVE The One). French is also a nice singing language - maybe she could try that?

    Japanese is such a perfect singing language! We hear every single syllable in these songs,, something not normal in English music. I don't know if it's Su, or Japanese itself, but her lyrics are as clear as a bell. We can sing along even without knowing exactly what we are singing! I'm wondering if Japanese singers don't 'slur' like English singers do - either Su-Metals enunciation is perfect, or it's the language itself.. Maybe Su-Metal could give me a call so we can discuss this? Su? Hello? call me.

    Led Zeppelin "wannaholelottaluv". Mild example, but all of these syllables are run together, the Ts turn into Ds. so it's just mushy. mush.

    "Omekashi kitsune san" I can hear every word! I love this so much.

    I've heard that Japenese women speak differently than Japanese men. I have no idea if that's true, but I have noticed that Su-Metal does not sound like she's speaking the same language as Toshiro Mifune...