BABYMETAL featured on "Barraca 26" segment of Sintesis Newspaper from Mexico

BABYMETAL was featured in Mexico as they appeared on Sintesis Newspaper in the segment called "Barraca 26" which is dedicated to Rock and Metal music. The article describes BABYMETAL's concept, career highlights and details about the group. Read the article translated plus picture of the original content. 


BABYMETAL on Mexican newspaper Sintesis, segment "Barraca 26"

Kawaii Metal is a new genre that hasn’t been around for much time, it appeared in Japan fusing the power of a markedly strong distortion, deep bass and powerful drums accompanied by sweet voices that at one point can sound even childish. At present, this sub-genre-fusion is getting a wider audience, as well as more exponents. The most representative group that is making noise around the world is led by three little girls known as SU-METAL (Suzuka Nakamoto), YUIMETAL (Yui Mizuno) and MOAMETAL (Moa Kikuchi); they are BABYMETAL. The band was founded in 2010 as one of the subunits of the female idol group "Sakura Gakuin", under the concept of J-pop fusion and metal. Despite being a very young group, the expectations and promises of the band were very big, and this was reflected at the moment of the split of BABYMETAL with respect to the feminine group of idols. In 2012, the band saw their first singles produced independently. The first would be "Iine!", a song where you can see the fusion of synthetic electronic sounds with some metal riffs, as well as small voices with guttural anchors, and fusions on a bridge with hip hop structures. The second would be "Headbangeeeeerrrr !!!", in which you can appreciate a little more the influences of metal in the band without leaving that Kawaii side (Japanese term that can be referred to as cute or tender). After this, the band would begin to have support from a label called BMD Fox Records, and their third single would see the light, "Ijime, Dame Zettai', which is considered the anthem of BABYMETAL, since with this video is how it began to be known. An interesting fact about this song is that its lyrics mainly speak as a protest against bullying, telling the victims of this they are not alone and have the support of those around them as well as speaking to these who just observe without saying or acting on it, and with a clear message to the perpetrators to leave these abuses.



Their fourth single entitled "Megitsune" talks about Japanese traditions, and it is about the Fox Goddesses and aims for a more traditional sound, mixing their metal sound and J-pop with the sound of the Shamisen. By the spring of 2013, Suzuka Nakamoto graduated from middle school and likewise had to withdraw from "Sakura Gakuin" which was official on March 31 of that same year at the Tokyo International Forum, as this group is only made up of middle school girls. But the company decided that BABYMETAL would continue as an autonomous band.


After this, in February 2014, BABYMETAL's self-titled first album was released, which would contain their previously known singles like "Doki Doki MornIng" and new songs such as "Gimme Chocolate". During this same year, the band begins an international tour treading countries like England, France, Germany, the United States and of course, Mexico. A year later, they released their first live album under the name "Live at Budokan - Red Night", and their live video of the Sonisphere Festival 2014 concert in the UK. During that year, the band was dedicated to recording the new material that arrived in April of 2016 under the name of "Metal Resistance" with its first single "Karate", which in a matter of hours reached more than 5 million plays. And after this, the announcement of their new world-wide tour was made, which already has over 9 dates in the United States, Europe and Tokyo. This young group has created great controversy in the world, pleasing some and offending. The truth is that great characters of this world have recognized the talent of these girls. People like Bruce Dickinson, Metallica and even Rammstein have recognized what these girls are doing. I make you an invitation to get to know their music without prejudice, just give yourself the opportunity to get out of that bubble and listen to a somewhat revolutionary sound and be part of the Metal Resistance.




Article by: Barraca 26.

Translation by: Daniel Fuentes.


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