Sakura Gakuin Facial Expressions Competition on EntameNext!

EntameNext held with Sakura Gakuin a Facial Expressions competition in order to promote the just released Overture Magazine No.007 and Sakura Gakuin "The Road To Graduation 2015", check below the full photoshoot and descriptions translated! 


Sakura Gakuin Facial Expressions competition on EntameNext

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo members appeared on EntameNext to promote the new release of Overture Magazine No.007 and most important the release of Sakura Gakuin's 6th Live Video "The Road To Graduation 2015" where Rinon Isono, Ooga Saki and Shirai Saki graduated from Sakura Gakuin


EntameNext during six consecutive days, in 6 different parts released the Facial Expressions competition where the girls made 4 different facial expressions showing their charms! Check each members photoshoot and the description translated of each facial expression for this competition! 




Elementary School 6th Grade

Tsugumi Aritomo

September 7, 2004. Born in Chiba Prefecture. 

Height 142.9 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-Power of the Eyebrow

03-Full Energy - Classic

04-Kawaii, full of innocence gesture




Elementary School 6th Grade

Momoe Mori

December 8, 2004. Born in Tokyo. 

Height 141.5 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01- Standard ID

02-A little too much sleep

03-Shootout to the Fukei: "Moemoe Cannon" 

04-Smile in full bloom in a little forest




Middle School 1st Grade

Yuzumi Shintani

July 20, 2003. Born in Wakayama Prefecture. 

Height 151 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01- Standard ID

02-A young lady’s neat and beautiful long hair 

03-Starting a wonderful journey!

04-Too much? No, it's cute but fair




Elementary School 6th Grade

Yoshida Soyoka 

June 14, 2004. Born in Osaka.

Height 152 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01- Standard ID

02-Irresistible boredom! 

03-Absolutely Invincible - Onedari Daisasuken (Operation beg dad for it)

04-Shhh, it's a two people secret!




Elementary School 6th Grade

Kano Fujihira

August 28, 2004. Born in Chiba Prefecture.

Height 142.4 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-A little evil wink of love

03-We look forward to the participation of the Fukei-san

04-Immediate smile at 45º




Middle School 1st Grade

Marin Hidaka

December 1, 2003. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. 

Height 147.2 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-Delicious smile of a dreaming girl

03-Sakura of Mona Lisa praised smile

04-Her presence itself is a fantasy




Middle School 1st Grade

Maaya Asou

November 4, 2003. Born in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Height 154.4 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-Positive - Miracle Smile

03-Doing extremely good with double peace sign

04-All the happiness of a Kawaii dimple




Middle School 2nd Grade

Momoko Okazaki

March 3, 2002. Born In Kanagawa Prefecture.

Height 154.5 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-Outstanding power of destruction, Ultimate weapon of Yay! 

03-Smile - Perfect pointing hand sign

04-Joy of Momoko, Munch's: The Scream 




Middle School 2nd Grade

Megumi Okada

April 2, 2002. Aichi Prefecture. 

Height 160.2 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-A hybrid of beautiful and cute

03-MST (Megu Subarashi Tehepero) Megu Wonderful Tongue out.

(Note: Common Japanese expression to describe feelings such as: shyness or when one makes a mistake) 

04-Really good at doing burikko

(Note: Very cute-innocent acting in front of others)




Middle School 2nd Grade / Vice President

Aiko Yamaide 

December 1, 2002. Born in Kagoshima Prefecture. 

Height 149.2 centimeters.


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-Benevolent modern look of Virgin Mary-sama 

03-The most powerful Tehepero (Tongue out, see Megumi's note above). 

04-Fire spirit - Fighting pose




Middle School 3rd Grade / MC Chairman

Mirena Kurosawa

May 22, 2001. Born in Tokyo. 

Height 151.4 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID

02-A Veteran’s intellectual smile 

03-Looking at the smash - Make it perfect 

04-Professional astonishment: what did you see!? 




Middle School 3rd Grade / Students Council President

Sara Kurashima

February 24, 2002. Ibaraki Prefecture. 

Height 157.2 centimeters


Facial Expressions: 

01-Standard ID 

02-Cool and beautiful girl expected to be the gentle and friendly

03-The splendid transformation from cool girl to a gently, friendly one

04-The mischief was... mine




Article by: TOMMY of EntameNext 

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6.

Photographies by: Aida Hideto

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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