BOH, Mikio & Yuya at first "Kari Band" Photoshoot!

Kami Band members BOH, Mikio Fujioka and Yuya Maeta published a few photos from their Photoshoot for their parallel project called "Kari Band". They are working in their debut album to be released later this year! Check the first photos from the session below! 


Photos of Kari Band from the set for their first Photoshoot

BABYMETAL God Of Bass BOH, God Of Guitar Mikio Fujioka and God Of Drums Yuya Maeta (inactive since November 2014 with BABYMETAL) published a series of photos from the set of their first Photoshoot to promote their upcoming album of their parallel project called "Kari Band" (which translates as Provisional/Temporary Band). Read some comments about the band and project from Barks interview with Mikio Fujioka (Full interview here). 


Q: By the way, you are also actively involved in the “Kari (temporary) Band” with BOH. How did that happen?

"I first met BOH on location for the FOX GOD, and we found out that three of us play jazz and fusion type pieces in sessions and the like. Mr. Maeta has always played as the drummer in BLUEMAN, and he would sometimes play for BABYMETAL. So we decided to go ahead and do something together."


Q: So it’s right to assume that “Kami-Band” = “Kari Band”?

"Yup. The members of the Kari Band are Mikio Fujioka(G), BOH(B), Yuya Maeta(Dr)."


Q: So how did it occur that the members who play metal music were to also play jazz fusion music together? You guys also cover King Crimson, Jeff Beck, and Herbie Hancock.

"Well, it was actually Maeta that asked me if we wanted to do something a little off-beat outside of what we were doing. It turns out that 3 of us like this genre so we decided to get BOH in on it too. It’s been about a year since that. We didn’t feel like making original songs at first, so we just covered songs we like. We did about 3 live sessions, and we liked it so much that we decided to take it a step further. We got to the point where we’ve decided on featuring our own piece, so we plan to get it recorded and released by the end of the year. We might show it off in a tour at the beginning of next year."





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