T-Site: Selection of 10 songs to introduce BABYMETAL

Tsutaya's Site did promotional post about BABYMETAL with a selection of 10 songs to introduce BABYMETAL to your friends. They recommend songs from "BABYMETAL", "Metal Resistance" and also from "Live At Budokan". Read the article translated and tell us which songs did you use to recommend BABYMETAL to your friends! 


Selection of 10 BABYMETAL songs to introduce to your friends by T-Site

Recently, BABYMETAL released a new album for the Japanese music industry. Althought some have heard the name... this for you out there! It's ok if you are not interested in Idol or even Metal. The author in the same position got hooked, we are introducing a selection of 10 songs as introduction!


1st Track: Road Of Resistance (2nd Album)

Released in 2015. Recommended this song if it's your first time listening to BABYMETAL. Please have a look to live video too. BABYMETAL of course is really cool in all, including the guys of the Kami Band who are playing in the back. Impressive large chorus of the crowd. Let's shout together "Wow Wow"  everyone! 


2nd Track: KARATE (2nd Album)

Released in 2016. It's also a lead song of the 2nd Album. If you are not familiar yet with BABYMETAL, you might get surprised in the bridge when the prelude and signing begins (Actually, I was surprised). However wanted to listen it again, such a song. It's fun to jump all together live. 


3rd Track: Doki Doki Morning (1st Album)

Released in 2011. BABYMETAL's first song. The dancing is very cute, it's a song just to represent the "Cute x Metal". I don't want to tell the music video, but it's also cute and the the girls sleep in the scene. In addition, it's enjoyable for people overseas screaming at the part of the "Imananji?". Once you hear it you want to listen it repeatedly to this song, you will also become one of the BABYMETAL addicts.


4th Track: Head Bangya!! (1st Album)


Indie release in 2012. For this song will recommend to listen the live video. Yuimetal and Moametal are turning around and around the twin tails. Sometimes this song is sang by the other two girls live in their birthdays! Su-Metal singing getting tighter and tighter her voice is her different charm.


5th Track: Ijime, Dame, Zettai (1st Album)

Major 1st Single released in 2013. This song is popular abroad. Here also recommend to listen the live video. This song begins with a "Wall Of Death", the mosh begins with scream of Su-Metal. I think the Yuimetal and Moametal dancing also imitate a mosh or it's only me? It's a very fun video to see people overseas exciting. Precious Yuimetal's skirt begins to go (?) That is also in the official live video.


6th Track: Megitsune (1st Album) 

2nd Major Single released in 2013. Here is another one popular abroad.  There is a big chorus when everyone goes "Sore sore sore sore!" and "Name tarai kanzeyo". Feels like the lyrics are also to scream out together with everyone. Don't you start to become gradually addicted?


7th Track: Gimme Chocolate (1st Album)

This wasn't released as Single, but is the most popular abroad. Since the impact of the first watch, it might become suddenly in a song to enter in the "What the hell?" state. But listening this BABYMETAL song, it's sure to start singing together! 


8th Track: BABYMETAL Death (1st Album)

This is always is played live as opening but personally, I don't feel the BABYMETAL live until the flow of this song begins. Mostly instrumental, but it's a cool song. 


9th Track: Catch Me If You Can (1st Album & Live At Budokan - Red Night - )

This is my favorite song of the author. BABYMETAL artists seem to enjoy it at the live. Dancing, of course, is enjoyable but also the live performances of Kami Band, it's a song where you can specially feel it. Althought the live starts from the Kami Band solo, it's cool! In this CD "Catch Me If You Can" starts fro the solo that has been recorded only for the live album. 


10th Track: THE ONE (2nd Album)

This song is the opportunity to began addicted to BABYMETAL. I was surprised for the singing of this magnificent song. 2 ways to introduce this music, because it's appropiate to be the last song, in this 10 songs introduction. It's BABYMETAL's first full song in Englsh. The version of the domestic album contains Japanese lyrics. The overseas is recorded in English but you will want both. 


So how was it? 

The Album, also has Su-Metal solo (songs) and Yuimetal & Moametal solo songs as BLACK BABYMETAL, there is a lot of room to enjoy! 




Article by: T-Site to promote Tsutaya Rental CD, Introducing BABYMETAL. 

Translation by: Maik Gianino

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    Bat-Metal (Wednesday, 06 July 2016 07:35)

    I have created some BABYMETAL fans using the New Year Fox Festival blu ray, showing the song Catch Me if you Can. It's so BABYMETAL! Awesome headbanging, singing, and choreography.. I still get goosebumps watching this.. Catch Me If You Can is the best bait for your typical woman-hating, metal-head type guy. The greatness of BABYMETAL cannot be denied after watching Catch Me If You Can! Works every time.

    I am also promoting Su-METAL as the world's NUMBER ONE rock star. using this same blu-ray.. Rondo of Nightmare shows just how amazing she is. I can't think of one single rock singer who performs better than Su-Metal, live.. It's totally mind-blowing. My friends and I often discuss why everybody, especially musicians, love this band so much and I think it must be because of Su-Metal. You could replace any other individual member (sad! don't do it!) but you can't replace Su-Metal.

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    Aira (Thursday, 02 February 2023 20:50)

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