Report: Takayoshi Ohmura ESP Guitar Clinic Asian Tour

BABYMETAL Kami Band member Takayoshi Ohmura visited Singapore on July 2 and Thailand on July 4 as part of the ESP Guitar Clinic Asian Tour. His seminar featuring live performances of his own songs and also BABYMETAL songs! Find more details about ESP Guitar Clinic Asian Tour including Photos and Videos!  


Photos & Videos of Takayoshi Ohmura ESP Guitar Clinics in Singapore & Thailand

BABYMETAL Kami Band God Of Guitar Takayoshi Ohmura visited Singapore and Thailand as part of the ESP Guitar Clinic Asian Tour this month of July. Held the clinic in Singapore on July and Thailand on July 4. Both events were such success featuring live comments with translators, performances of his own songs, performances of some BABYMETAL songs like "BABYMETAL Death" and "Amore"


In addition, Takayoshi was answered questions from people at the venue, he said that "Amore" is his currently BABYMETAL favorite song. Then held a Meet & Greet with attendees to the events after his performance and an autograph session. The event in Singapore was held in collaboration with Davis Guitars on July 2 at CANVAS Club Singapore starting at  15:00 Singapore Time. Meanwhile the event in Thailand was held in Bangkok at Bansomdejcaopraya Rajabhat University at Building 29th Floor 6th including special guests "Yes Sir Days". The last event was held with Free Admission. 


Below some of Takayoshi's Tweets after the events, in addition Albums of Photos of his visits to Singapore and Thailand plus Photos from Fans of his performance in Thailand and also 5 Videos of Takayoshi Ohmura answering questions from fans, and performing "Never Surrender", a "Slow To Fast" trick, "BABYMETAL Death" solo and "Amore" intro! Watch below! 


Takayoshi Ohmura - "Never Surrender"

Takayoshi Ohmura - "Slow To Fast" trick

BABYMETAL "Amore" Intro

"BABYMETAL Death" solo

Takayoshi Ohmura ESP Guitar Clinic in Singapore by Davids Guitars

Takayoshi Ohmura ESP Guitar Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand Fan Photos


Takayoshi Ohmura Website: CLICK HERE

Follow Takyoshi Ohmura Twitter, click here.

Takayoshi Ohmura Biography, read here.


Report by: Maik Gianino.

Photos and Videos by: Eka Phum, Megitsuna Cynus, Salmon Nuno and Witthaya Suthathongthai.

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  • #1

    Bat-Metal (Wednesday, 06 July 2016 07:41)

    Just last night, 2AM, I'm again watching this guy shred.. I''m feeling very inadequate as a guitar player. Again. I did not practice enough! I'm never gonna be accepted in Kami Band unless I practice harder..

    Then I notice a mouse sitting on the floor in front of the TV watching Takayoshi Ohmura as well. This means something. This mouse was obviously sent by the Fox God to remind me to practice harder.

  • #2

    BiruMetal (Thursday, 07 July 2016 01:45)

    ^^Mr. Bat,
    Be inspired! The mouse is a symbol sent from the Fox God that represents how small you are feeling in the presence of Mr Ohmura's playing! You know have a choice to be a mouse forever or become a great Fox that eats mice for breakfast! I also felt very overwhlmed and inadequate when I first watched Takayoshi's playing but instead of feeling small, I chose to work hard at my playing. Harder than ever before in my life! Mr. Ohmura drives me to be a better player and for this I am grateful. For too long, I was too complacent in my playing ability. I had nothing to drive me to always learn and improve. Then I find Babymetal and the Kamiband ignited my passion! I am now playing faster and cleaner than every before! I am not a Kami but I am not mouse! I am a Fox! I hope you will become one in the same! Good Luck!

  • #3

    Bat-Metal (Thursday, 07 July 2016 06:56)

    Thank you for the kind words, and inspiration to achieve perfection!

    Mausu demi-god - Daughter of The Mouse Queen and the human currently named Tetsuo Sakurai, sent by the Fox God to show me the secrets of the Funky Bass. 10 years of practice. 20 years of practice. 25 years of practice. Now Bat-Metal can challange BOH the Bassist to a Bass Battle of Death. Yes, BOH may jazz-scale me to humiliation, but I am Bat-Metal, trained by the Mouse God in FUNKY BASS.. When BOH is confronted with my assault of Party Maker (Perfume), he will not back down, but he will not win. I will not win. We will win, together, as THE ONE.
    And maybe I can join the band because KAMI is currently sick of Metal so they are playing Fusion. I suspect Mouse God has been speaking with them. Hey! no way, Mouse God. BOH does NOT need your help.

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    Aira (Thursday, 02 February 2023 20:51)

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