Herman Li on Metal Wani: "BABYMETAL unite people that don't listen Rock and Metal into Metal"

Herman Li from Dragonforce who collaborated with BABYMETAL on "Road Of Resistance", opening track of "Metal Resistance" was interviewed on Metal Wani to promote their upcoming Tour Dates and the recently released "Best Of" album "Killer Elite". He once again talked about BABYMETAL, read a summary and listen the full interview below. 


Herman Li talk how BABYMETAL unite people to listen Metal music

BABYMETAL was once again mentioined by DrangForce lead guitarist Herman Li. Interviewed on Metal Wani, Herman talked about BABYMETAL's music style, and how with their new kind of music unites people.


This is part of what Herman Li said: "I think Metal fans, generally people, in Rock and Metal music are divided anyway... 


BABYMETAL in a way, they combine the music and they show together the metal with the J-Pop stuff they actually unite people that don't listen Rock and Metal into Metal... Definitely I believe a band which is able to influence a lot of people that don't listen to Rock and Metal and discover Guitar music, Rock, Heavy Metal stuff and I think that is a great thing and usually is not very easy to be able to inspire people, to influence them to a new style, you really have to do something interesting never done before. So, BABYMETAL have done that combination that never has been done before." 


Listen the full interview below. He talks about BABYMETAL starting at 08:00. 

Interview by: Metal Wani


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    Bat-Metal (Tuesday, 05 July 2016 10:48)

    Herman, beware unintended consequences! BABYMETAL will cause current metal fans to demand better vocals/stage show from their favorite metal bands!

    "I tried to listen to Slayer today and got bored! Where are Yui and Moa's shouts? Why is this man so angry! Where is Su-Metal's
    "shouldn’t be underestimated"?? I'm supposed to sit through a whole concert without Su-Metal? I dunno guys. Get off the stage so we can see BABYMETAL."

    Hyperbolic, but seriously, I can't imagine too many bands that could go onstage right after a BABYMETAL. show..

    Also: DRAGONFORCE rocks!