Sara Kurashima & Mirena Kurosawa featured on Top Yell NEO July 2016

Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo Students Council President Sara Kurashima and the MC Chairman Mirena Kurosawa were interviewed by Top Yell Neo Magazine to talk about the experience of the Transference Ceremony in May and their past along with a nice photoshoot. Check the scans below. 


Sara & Mirena photo session and interview on Top yell NEO July 2016

Sara Kurashima Sakura Gakuin's Students Council President of the current Nendo along with the MC Chairman Mirena Kurosawa were featured in the new issue of Top Yell NEO to share their impressions about the Transference ceremony on May 6 where Yuzumi Shintani, Tsugumi Aritomo and Momoe Mori joined the group. 


In addition the girls talked about their beginnings, the experience before Sakura Gakuin, and how they joined Sakura Gakuin. Sara said about how they joined: "Someone from the agency asked if I will try, and they let me audition."

Meanwhile Mirena said: "I was asked in 1st grade if I want to try auditioning, but I thought they had the wrong number (laughs)." 




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Scans by: Rene Colorado

Note: Full interview translated to be published soon. 


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