Su-Metal is #13 on Kerrang's "50 Greatest Rockstars In The World Today" !!

BABYMETAL's success, talent and efforts of the whole group and specially Suzuka Nakamoto as lead vocalist made her become one of the 50 Greatest Rockstars In The World Today according to the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine, read more details below! 


Su-Metal featured #13 on Kerrang's "50 Greatest Rockstars In The World Today"

BABYMETAL lead vocalist and trio's leader Suzuka Nakamoto was featured in the new issue of Kerrang! Magazine from United Kingdom. Suzuka as Su-Metal has become in one of the "50 Greatest Rockstars In The World Today". In a 50 artists list, Su-Metal is #13! Read what Kerrang said about her: 


Kerrang Magazine: "The (baby) face on the front of a J-Rock Kaiju that's consumed everything in its path, Su-Metal has led her pop-metal cohorts to conquering the main stages of Reading & Leeds and Download (demaning more circle-pits than a jacked-up DevilDriver at the latter), headlining Wembley Arena and making UK chart history, with Metal Resistance crashing the Top 20 to become the highest-charting Japanese album ever. Not a bad 12 months for someone who celebrater her 18th birthday in December. Good work!" 




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  • #1

    Bat-Metal (Thursday, 30 June 2016 07:15)

    How is she not the #1 Rock Star in the world? Imagine anybody else going on stage after Su-Metal. LOL. :She is the number one rock star out there.

  • #2

    Bat-Metal (Thursday, 30 June 2016 07:30)

    She doesn't make the cover??? I love Dave Grohl, but c'mon. Foo is totally played out, yawn. Su-Metal should be on the cover.


    I would guess that Dave himself would agree - Su-Metal rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks rocks. Then rocks some more. When you think she is done, guess what? She rocks again.

  • #3

    Darks (Thursday, 30 June 2016 12:57)

    Nah, maybe 2°, but not first.
    ¿Have you heard the vocal range of Kellin Quinn? If post-hardcore weren't so unpopular, he would be on Rolling Stone's covers.

    But, Su-metal being one of the 50 greatest rockstars in actual music, it's just awesome!

  • #4

    Bat-Metal (Friday, 01 July 2016 08:26)

    I watch her so.lo numbers every day - She gives me chills and my eyes well up with tears! Try watching her right hand while she's singing - she uses it like an Orchestra conductor. She's totally driving that band, not the other way around. It's just amazing.

    I've worshiped a lot of rock strars in my day, and I'm pretty jaded, but if I met Su-Metal, I'd definitely faint, hit my head on the way down, and just totally embarrass myself. *SWOON*