JCC News: BABYMETAL piling up discipline from a very young age

JCC News from Japan article about BABYMETAL's discipline and Amuse training frame dedicated to Japanese teens and childrens to find in them their talent to become tomorrow's Idols. JCC summary of BABYMETAL members career before BABYMETAL and comparation with the process of Idols in Japan. Very interesting article translated below. 


Amuse training system called "Sakura Gakuin"

Once you get BABYMETAL's charm on music, singing, dancing, musical performance, the level of the performance as a whole, do you ever wonder how all of this has been achieved? One of the reasons, be aware, is the strategic training system of Amuse. Lets start with the three princesess in front; let's see a quick individual profile. 


Su-Metal (Suzuka Nakamoto): 

1997 student, born in Hiroshima. Started modeling at the age of 3, at the age of 5 won the Grand Prix as cosmetic image girl. She won the Grand Prix for singing contest, at the same time she enrolled as scholarship student in the Actor's School Of Hiroshima (ASH), known as producer of Perfume in 2006. Then she was finalist of Star Kids audition of Amuse, belonging to kids deparment of the company. Then she becomes member of the limited time unit linked with the anime, "Karen Girl's", after the end of her participation there she was founding member of Sakura Gakuin. Her reputation preeminent as best Idol ,even Diva, comes exclusively from her singing force.


Yuimetal (Yui Mizuno): 

1999 student, born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Began as model at the age of 8, belonging to Amuse. Also appeared in dramas and TV commercials while she took dancing lessons. In August 2010 she joined Sakura Gakuin. She not only has lovely facial expressions,  but also she is absurdly awesome at dancing. 


Moametal (Moa Kikuchi):

1999 student, born in Aichi Prefecture. Worked as magazine model since her childhood, at the age of 8 she won the Second Prize in the Girl Audition 2007 of Ciao Magazine. Then she starts with Amuse, appearing in TV commercials. In August 2010 she  joined Sakura Gakuin. It's the power of her expression, outstanding expression. She is also very good at talking. Idol degree up to 200%. 


As mentioned above, they entered the entertainment industry since their childhood, singing, modeling, taking dancing lessons, appearing in magazines, TV commercial appearances, dramas and steady continuous activities. 


So inherently, previously to BABYMETAL, it can be said that they already knew singing, dancing, performing at any level, reaching outstanding levels. Generally, Japanese Idols are teens subject to auditions, employed in groups with selected criterias such as cuteness or energy. Lessons of singing and dancing begin since then. By all means is undeniable the feeling of pretension, in other words, amateurs in those arts.


The trio of BABYMETAL compared to those have been piling up discipline from a very young age with the training frame of Amuse. By the way, between ASH and Ciao Magazine there is a deep cooperation. There is also a childrens house department dedicated to kids who are working hard in lessons with the aim to become tomorrow's Idol, tomorrow's Star. 


Amuse spreads its antennas to find quickly young talents, subjecting them through lessons from a very early age. That's why in 2010, Su, Yui and Moa performed for the unit "Sakura Gakuin", running into the miracle. 




Article by: JCC News.

Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka.

Style editor: Daniel Fuentes

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