Bury Tomorrow about BABYMETAL: "That's the BABYMETAL FOX mate, I'm ready to go"

Another band shares their support to BABYMETAL, the five piece British melodic metalcore band Bury Tomorrow interviewed at Download Festival, bassist Davyd Winter-Bates confirms that he loves BABYMETAL, watch the segment of the interview below! 


Davyd Winter-Bates of Bury Tomorrow talk BABYMETAL at Download Festival

The British melodic metalcore band Bury Tomorrow members Daniel Winter-Bates and Davyd Winter-Bates were interviewed at the backstage of Download Festival in United Kingdom. They were asked about BABYMETAL and Daniel said: "Dave loves them". 


Davyd shared: "It's about time we had dance routines in Metal.". He added: "You know, when was the last time we saw it? Maybe Limp Bizkit? Rollin? Right? But we need dance routines in Metal. And the thing that BABYMETAL brings is, like, so many metal bands take themselves so seriously, and it winds me up like, we are in alternative music, you know what I mean? "


Watch the rest of the interview with awesome comments about BABYMETAL, many Kitsune Signs in the air by Daniel, Davyd and the host and great comments about Metal community as a whole! 


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    Bat-Metal (Thursday, 30 June 2016 07:23)

    I have yet to hear of one single musician that's not completely blown away by BABYMETAL. Even if this is not your type of music, it takes all of 10 seconds watching them onstage to realize just how amazing they are.. PLEASE BABYMETAL producers don't change anything! No new girls. No English songs. Keep the road crew. Keep the catering crew. Whoever is the personal tomato provider - if they want more money, just fork it over. babytomatos 4evah!