Metal Resitance sold nearly 200.000 copies in 3 months in Japan

BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance" released on April 1, 2016 is ranked #9 in the half year sales ranking of Oricon Style. Check the Top10 list featuring also the number of copies sold and more details in the following post. 


BABYMETAL "Metal Resistance" is #9 on Oricon Style 2016 Half Year Sales Ranking!

Oricon Style announced the details of the 2016 Half Year Sales Ranking including a Top25 featuring Artists, Albums and number of albums sold. The ranking features BABYMETAL's album "Metal Resistance" released on April 1 of this year #9 over Perfume with "Cosmic Explorer". "Metal Resistance" which was released just almost 3 months ago sold nearly 200.000 copies in Japan. 



 1-The JSB Legacy by J Sould Brothers from EXILE TRIBE - 619.158 copies sold

2-Anohi anotoki by Kazumasa Oda - 337.962 copies sold

3-Sorezore No Isu by Nogizaka46 - 300.008 copies sold

4-Fuko No Oto by Masharu Fukuyama - 299.480 copies sold

5-E.G.SMILE -E-girls BEST- by E-girls - 276.198 copies sold

6-Chou Iki Mono Bakari ~Ten Nen Kinen Menbaazu Besuto Serekushon~ by Ikimonogakari - 269.198 copies sold

7-Butterflies by BUMP OF CHICKEN - 264.514 copies sold

8-KAT-TUN 10th ANNNIVERSARY BEST "10Ks!" by KAT-TUN - 204.969 copies sold

9-Metal Resistance by BABYMETAL - 197.029 copies sold 

10-Made Series by BIGBANG - 194.992 copies sold 


Check the Top25 Oricon Style 2016 Half Year Ranking Sales, click here



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