BABYMETAL announces upcoming Media appearances in June

BABYMETAL announced upcoming Media appearances to promote the rest of the World Tour 2016. Will be featured on starRo in Tokyo of Beats 1 of Apple Music. Check the details and where to find the appearances below. 


BABYMETAL upcoming Media apperances in June

BABYMETAL announced media appearances to take place this week including appearance on TakeOver: starRo in Tokyo with exclusive interview on Beats 1 of Apple Music.


Feature & Interview: TakeOver: starRo in Tokyo

First broadcast: June 26 (Sunday) from 4AM to 3PM Japanese Time. 

Repeat: June 27 (Monday) from 1PM to 2PM Japanese Time. 

After the end of the broadcast the podcast will be up as an archive. 

Podcasts archive, click here.


Beats 1 broadcasts 24 hours, radio station live towards more than 100 countries around the world. 


Beats 1 on Apple Music, click here.

First broadcast: June 26 at 3AM Japanese Time.

Repeats: June 26 at 10AM Japanese time and June 27 at 1PM Japanese Time. 

Interview will be aired during Episode #4. 


*Broadcasts schedule can be changed due various circumstances, please note.  


For more details please visit:

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