BABYMETAL documentary + interview on KIKA Live from Germany

BABYMETAL was featured in German TV when the band visited Germany on June 7 and June 8. KIKA TV attended to BABYMETAL's World Tour 2016 show at LongHorn in Stuttgart on June 8 (Show report). KIKA TV made a documentary about BABYMETAL and interviewed BABYMETAL at the backstage of LongHorn, watch below.


BABYMETAL interviewed by KIKA Live at the  backstage of LongHorn in Stuttgart

KIKA Live published a documentar about BABYMETAL including a backstage interview with the girls in Stuttgart on June 8, the last headline show of the BABYMETAL World Tour 2016 in Europe before the shows at Download Festival in UK and Download Festival France. BABYMETAL was featured on KIKA Live from Germany including footage of their Music Videos, a summary of their career and details of their music style. 


Fans were interviewed outside the venue before the show to explain why the like BABYMETAL, mean while the girls were interviewed at the backstage of LongHorn to talk about their concept, FOX GOD and FOX sign and more! 


Introduction on KIKA Live: "It sounds like totally crazy! Three Japanese girls performing onstage with J-Pop style running with hardcore metal sound in the background. A mix that in Japan stormed the charts and now also the rest of the world. Ben meets the girls of the band BABYMETAL and learns what has to do the FOX with the Japanese girls. He is going to dance with the three?"


Watch the full documentary + interview below!

Translation and Subtitles by:  marvin5307ma


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