BABYMETAL featured on Electra Magazine: "Rock out Kawaii style"

BABYMETAL is featured in the new issue of Electra Magazine June 2016 with 2 pages dedicated to their concept and growing success around the world. Check the content published on Electra Magazine below. 


BABYMETAL is featured on Electra Magazine June 2016

The Japanese Idol mega group, BABYMETAL, is set for World Domination. So how come you've probably never heard of them? And what exactly is Kawaii Metal? 


BABYMETAL. An intriguing name for a group, and the concept perhaps even more: a trio of 'cutesy' Japanese girls that happen to sing along (and rock out) to heavy metal music. But Su-metal (lead singer), Moametal, and Yuimetal are much more than that, and their music has had quite the dramatic effect on the world. 


Certainly, Japanese idol bands do not function in the same way as mainstream U.S. or UK groups; these individuals are created by big idol companies designed to produce stars (think X-Factor bootcamp if it were more rigorous). Japanese groups have a whole different musical influence, and the clever and cutesy trio have theirs: Metallica. 


The phenomenon of BABYMETAL is not one to be understated. This is a group whose tour sells out all over the globe, and whose fans are every bit committed to rocking out along with the metal-heads as they are. While the concept seems novel, the execution is anything but, and the group benefits from its strong instrumental roots and the a stage presence of its singers; all three of them. While Su-metal does most of the main e vocals (most likely due to her age of 18), Moametal and Yuimetal perform some impressive supporting vocals, and have become even more involved as they have grown older. It certainly begs the question as to what the trio could accomplish in five years, considering their rise to mainstream fame and growing popularity. 


But what makes BABYMETAL so appealing? Is it their energetic and enthusiastic performances? Or their own personal style combined with bubbly personalities? Or the music itself? There are no shortage of things to love about the group as a whole, even if the members itself admit to being "afraid" of hearing metal music for the first time. Oddly enough, this just makes them more loveable and endearing. Not to mention, the key to any artist's success: relatability. 

But what does every successful musical group need (aside from the music)? Style. And these girls have heaps of it. Co-ordination is key in this lineup. 


Truly, each member has their own subtle and unique style that ties in fittingly with the rest of the group's signature colours (black, red and silver). Su-metal usually has a different torso styling or cover, and her hair in a ponytail, whilst Moametal has one ringlet pigtails and usually a tutu, and Yuimetal has multiple smaller ringlet pigtails and a tutu to match. Not to mention the girls all have their signature hand movements, signs and dances the group perform, much to an eager crowd's delight. And let us not forget their allegiance to the 'fox god' (their version of the metal `rock out' finger sign). All of this combines to form the striking BABYMETAL brand. 


Their first studio album, simply entitled BABYMETAL, was released back in 2014, & contained their signature song `Gimme Chocolate!!' - as well as several other classics, such as 'Megitsune' (one of their best) and 'Ijime, Dame, Zettai'. Following up from this, the group released their second studio album, Metal Resistance (containing the surprisingly incredible anthems, 'Karate' and 'Road of Resistance'). Not so surprisingly, upon its release in March, it was met with significantly positive reviews and skyrocketed to the tops of charts in Japan, the UK, Australia and the US - an incredible feat for such a young group. And not one to be understated. 


The future for the group is unclear; idol groups tend to have a short shelf-life due to their mass creation, as audiences gradually grow tired of them. However, whether this will be the case for BABYMETAL is uncertain, as their image and music has already garnered them significant attention in not only the music world, but also on TV, in a documentary by BBC. More so, they were also featured in the popular online REACT series, which is broadcast on YouTube. It's understandable, as the image of 3 young girls rocking out to metal music breaks certain stereotypes surrounding metal groups. You go girls. Whatever lurks in the distance for BABYMETAL, you can be certain that this ass-kicking trio isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Rock on. 




Article by: Electra Magazine June 2016, click here.

Special thanks to: Fukeitan


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