Aiko's diary celebrating Yui Mizuno's birthday: "Happy Tomato Day!"

Aiko Yamaide's new diary dedicated to Yui Mizuno's birthday featuring many tomatoes and a t-shirt of Ariana Grande!

Read the full diary translated below. 


Aiko Yamaide diary celebrating Yui Mizuno's 17th Birthday

Jan Ken Pon! Aiko-desho!

Fukei-sans! Yes! today is the 'Day of Tomato' -- The 17th birthday of Mizuno Yui-chan!! *applause!*

So, I'm now celebrating the day by having Yui-chan's dearest Tomatoes -- honestly, which is my least favorite food -- for every meal. 


The other day, Aiko met Yui-chan at the last minutes of her 16 days. I'm keeping in touch with her via emails, but it's been a long while since we met in person last time. Thus, we have too many things to talk, and we have too fun moment. Yui-chan after a while was just too cute, as always.


"I shall keep watching over Sakura Gakuin, watching over Aiko", Yui-chan said.

That made me anew my resolution to do my very best, as the vice-president of Sakura Gakuin in 2016 Nendo! First off, we'll make a blast all through this summer!!



Fukei-sans, please watch over us together with Yui-chan!!






P.S. The left hand in the photo is Yui-chan's. When we met, I was wearing the Tee of Ariana Grande-san!!



Translation by: Onji Kobe

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