Su-Metal about the weirdest things about America on Alt. Press

BABYMETAL was featured and Suzuka Nakamoto as "Su-Metal" was interviewed on Alternative Press to talk about the weirdest things about America on Alternative Press. Read the full intrvewi


Su-Metal interviewed on Alt. Press talk weirdest things about America

Culture shock: International bands tell us the weirdest things about America

Oh, America. So often you act like everything is boring and your cynicism blooms like pain-in-the-ass pollen making our eyes and nose run with great sadness. In an effort to show you how weird and/or wrong you can be, we asked all of the nominees for this year’s International Artist Award a quite crucial question: What was the greatest culture shock you encountered upon visiting the US for the first time?



"We were mostly shocked at the scale of things abroad. Everything was bigger than in Japan. The cities, the vast expanse of land, many people there were living their lives actively and the huge portions of food!


We usually enjoy the wonderful food of each country and channel the energy we receive from the local delicacies into the power we use in our concert performance. That is why we always look forward to visiting new cities to check out what delicious dishes they have to offer."



Article by: Alternative Press

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