T-Site: The strongest music production team to support BABYMETAL

T-Site wrote an article to introduce to their readers part of the most important members of BABYMETAL Team. The artist behind the excellent BABYMETAL music in the new album "Metal Resistance" making special focus on Takeshi Ueda and former Kami Band God Of Guitar Leda, read the report translated below. 


T-Site article about the artists behind BABYMETAL new album "Metal Resistance"

Takeshi Ueda, Leda... The strongest music production team to support BABYMETAL 

Perfomed oneman live in United Kingdom at SSE Arena Wembley (Wembley Arena) on April 2 of this year, the trio Metal-Dance Unit, BABYMETAL at an about enthusiastic 12.000 people. 


"Metal Resistance" the album released worldwide was ranked in Billboard 39, first appearance as Japanese artist after 53 years. Currently is sweeping countries at their third World Tour, the "BABYMETAL World Tour 2016"


On September 19 (Monday) and September 20 (Tuesday) BABYMETAL will continue its decision of marching forward at the first Tokyo Dome concerts. These girls show their enthusiasm around the world, can be said as its music, visuals and performance are an innovative concept. 


From among the strongest music production team that has built in the world of BABYMETAL with loud sounds and catchy melodies, has won a spot for writers who has devoloped the artist's activity. (Phrase by Yuka Dawa). 


Many followers! MAD, Schaft, Takeshi Ueda from (AA=). 

Takeshi Ueda who composed Gimme Chocolate which was delivered with BABYMETAL release in United Kingdom as Limited Edition 2015, has his major debut in 1991 as bassist of The Mad Capsule Markets which is in current hiatus. He is in activities as solo project AA= now. In addition, released the album "Ultra" in January of this year, Hisashi Imai reeased "Buck-Tick" and Fujii Maki of "minus(-)" unit has also participated in SCHAFT. 


AA= has released a new album, "#5" in May. Gimme Chocolate with pop melodies and lyrics and industrial guitar riffs, can be enjoyed even on Awadama Fever in the latest recording "Metal Resistance"


In Su-Metal's solo number recorded for "Metal Resistance" the dramatic royal rock ballad "No Rain, No Rainbow" worked on arragements, the guitarist of the Tour Kami Band of BABYMETAL, Leda (as LEDAMETAL). 


His debut as guitarist was with Deluhi in 2008. Leda who was won a finest reputation since then, after the activity with Deluhi ended in 2011 appeared as guitarist of the rock musical "Rock Of  Ages" Japan Tour, and appeared on stage with T.M Revolution exhibiting his skills. 


In addition, in 2015 formed Far East Diazin starting with vigorously activities. 


Watch Leda playing as God Of Guitar painted in white on stage. 




Translation by: Hitoshi Sugioka

Article by: T-Site


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