BOH Blog entry after the BABYMETAL European Tour

BABYMETAL European Tour 2016 finished, after arriving in Japan Kami Band God Of Bass BOH wrote a new Blog entry to talk briefly about the Tour and upcoming projects. Read his new blog post translated below. 


BOH Blog after the European Tour: "I'm really jet lagged"

Greetings from the prince of baldness, BOH

I've just got back to Japan from the European tour. I had so many wonderful experiences again, I'm so happy!

I was grateful to be able to visit so many countries. The language and food are different in each place, but I take a pride in being Japanese, try not to be negative about anything, stay alert, and keep an open mind.


In Japan the usual way to greet someone or give thanks is by bowing, and I try to maintain this even abroad.

I remember when I was a child being told by adults to be a person who can lower his head properly towards others.

Even though it's the same lowering of the head, it can mean different things depending on the circumstances, but an elegant bow done with feeling is a very stylish and proper thing. I think it's really an attractive thing.

It shouldn't be done loosely. A single deep bow is a stylish thing.


I'm really jet lagged, and I'm bowing to the PC as I write this (actually I am just falling over from sleepiness).

OK, I should go on about the tour, but for personal reasons I don't want to discuss BABYMETAL too deeply, and I'm thinking of giving up writing about that on my blog for a while. I understand that a lot of people look forward to reading about that. I hope you will understand.


As for other things, I'll keep on blogging about them at a slow pace when I get around to it.

I have a lot of things I need to do as soon as I get back. I haven't set a date for a Niconico video live broadcast, but I'll put things on Twitter, so please check that when you have time. 

Oh, and there are a lot of beautiful women in Europe. 

I'm looking forward to going back there.

Well, looking at girls is soothing for me, and every day is good bye to my hair.

From Bassist BOH.




Taken from: BOH Blog.

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Translation by: Nyanburger. 

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