Rock Sound reviews BABYMETAL at Download Festival: "This band rules"

After the epic BABYMETAL performance at Download Festival some of the most important Rock & Metal Magazines from United Kingdom wrote their thoughts about the performance on June 10. Rock Sound highlights the efforts of the band performing in a very rainy day, Su-Metal's command on stage and their quality as live band, read more below. 


Rock Sound on BABYMETAL at Download: "Circle pits. So many circle pits"

THE WEATHER DOESN'T MATTER: You want a weather report? There are websites for that sort of thing. Try, (don't really though, please). BABYMETAL are delayed by it of course. But it's not enough to stop these three total warriors. They come out swinging with smiles on their faces and that's the spirit as their set continues. 


BABYMETAL DESERVE THIS: They've overcome bigger challenges than this on these shores already, anyway. With previous form for absolutely slaying the festival masses, not to mention THAT mammoth gig in Wembley Arena recently, the main stage of Download feels like a natural fit.


It's been a rapid rise in just a few short years but that's all down to the hard work, determination and, well, sheer bloody talent of every person in the BABYMETAL ranks. Today, they prove yet again why they're deserving of such spots.


EVEN WITHOUT A HUGE STAGE SHOW, THIS BAND RULE: The set is a condensed version of the one we witnessed blow everyone away at Wembley, understandably. There aren't as many bells and whistles and that might have been enough to make this all feel rather flat. But on the contrary, the lack of pyro, lighting tricks or spectacle put the songs front and centre.


...MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THOSE SONGS: And what songs. The addition of new tracks from second album 'Metal Resistance' beefs up the set considerably. The likes of 'Karate' sound huge now. 


AND THE PITS. LET'S TALK ABOUT THE PITS: Circle pits. So many circle pits. But it still isn't enough for Su-Metal. She wants more and bigger pits. And then she gets them. People do what BABYMETAL tell them to do. 


SERIOUSLY, BABYMETAL MIGHT JUST BE ABOUT TO MAKE METAL THEIR OWN: Really, they have the world at their feet if they keep this kind of form up. In our recent cover feature with the band, they talked of "uniting the world in metal" which seemed like pretty big talk at the time... but would you make a case against them?




Article by: Rock Sound Magazine

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