Su-Metal talk UK, Wembley Arena, Download Festival & Super Mario Maker on Kerrang

Suzuka Nakamoto was interviewed on Kerrang! Magazine new issue to talk about their official debut at Download Festival this weekend, their experience at Wembley Arena, and the appearance on WII U Video Game Super Mario Maker, read the interview below. 


Su-Metal interviewed on Kerrang: "The FOX GOD smiles over Donington"

You sold out the SSE Arena Wembley and now you're back for Download. How does it feel having so much love in the UK?

Su-Metal: "I think of the UK as my second home. Everyone welcomes us and always gives us a supportive push which strengthens us to move forward."


How was the Wembley Arena show for you?

Su-Metal: "At first, there were many people watching us with perplexed faces not knowing what to think of us, but as the show went on, the audience got really excited. It was really moving when we sang THE ONE at Wembley. Everyone sang along with us and it made us super-excited about kicking off our third world tour!"


What can we expect when you play Download? 

Su-Metal: "We have no idea how it will all go just yet, but when we perform at festivals we are always challenged to give our best, so we hope to share a powerful performance. Our new album, Metal Resistance, has just been released, so we hohpe to sing our new songs together with everyone. To be honest, I still can't belive we are performing there - the reality has not hit!"


You've been added as characters in the WII U Game Super Mario Maker. Is being in a video game a dream come true? 

Su-Metal: "I was surprised! I've been playing this game since I was a child, so it is a dream come true!" 




Scans courtesy of: The Thrawn

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