Amuse introductory interview with Sakura Gakuin 2016 new students

Amuse through Amuse Mobile released an interview with Sakura Gakuin 2016 Nendo students Tsugumi Aritomo, Yuzumi Shintani and Momoe Mori who joined the group on May 6 of 2016. The girls introduce themselves, talk about their dreams, role models and more! Interview translated below. 


Sakura Gakuin 2016 Tsugumi, Yuzumi & Momoe introductory interview

Please introduce yourselves to the readers.

Tsugumi: "I'm Aritomo Tsugumi, and I transferred into Elementary grade 6"

Yuzumi: "I'm Shintani Yuzumi, and I transferred into Jr High grade 1. Nice to meet you."

Momoe: "I'm Mori Momoe and I transferred into Elementary grade 6. Nice to meet you."


Please tell us how you felt when you found out you were selected to enter Sakura Gakuin.

Tsugumi: "Surprised! WHAT! AWESOME!"

Yuzumi: "I was happy and couldn't believe it!! Even now I sometimes think "Wow I'm in Sakura Gakuin" (Laughs). I want to do my best!"

Momoe: "I thought "What?! Momoe?!". I was soooo happy." 


What are you into now?

Tsugumi: "Yoshimoto Shinkigeki!"

Yuzumi: "Sleeping"

Momoe:  "Yoga"


What is something you think "I won't lose!" to the other members?

Tsugumi: "Tender body, good sleeping"

Yuzumi:  "Maybe speaking well."

Momoe: "Loving BABYMETAL."


What is your favorite song in Sakura Gakuin and why?

Tsugumi: "'Otomegokoro' because the song and the choreo is cool."

Yuzumi:  "'Otomegokoro'. It's cool and I like the snappiness of the choreo."

Momoe: "'Sleep Wonder' I find the drama-like part really interesting."


Is there some kind of clothing you want to wear?

Tsugumi: "Old shool uniforms."

Yuzumi:  "Japanese clothes (Kimono)"

Momoe: "I want to try out non-uniform clothes, like in 'Hikari no Tenshi'."


Do you have any role models? If so why them?

Tsugumi:  "Audrey Kasuga-san. Because even when he makes a mistake, he stays calm" 

Yuzumi:  "Ayaka Miyoshi-san.  She's good at both modeling and acting. She's so cool."

Momoe: "BABYMETAL!! They're so cool and cute, and they're good at dancing."


What are your dreams and goals for the future?

Tsugumi: "I want to become someone who's able to tie people's hearts together even without them understanding my language."

Yuzumi:  "I want to be a Super-Actress who can do anything."

Momoe: "I want to be a model and actress."


What do you want to achieve in this nendo?

Tsugumi: "I would like to appear on Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. I also want to join KYG."

Yuzumi:  "I would like to improve my dancing, singing and talking!"

Momoe:  "I would like for a lot of Fukei to know about Momoe!!"


Please say something to the readers

Tsugumi:  "I'll do my best to make a lot of people smile! Please keep on supporting us."

Yuzumi:  "I'll do my best with everything I can and I'll become an amazing Super Lady! Please treat me well."

Momoe:  "I think there will be a lot of hardships from now on, but I'll smile my best to be able to catch up with my senpais. Please keep on supporting us."




Interview: Amuse Mobile

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Translation by: Iwashi

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